Edge magazine has given Final Fantasy XII its best game of the year award for 2006

Edge magazine has given Final Fantasy XII its best game of the year award for 2006
They went on to say "Beautiful, engrossing and impeccably polished. A work of progressive genius"

John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix Ltd is clearly delighted with the award "We are delighted FINAL FANTASY XII has received the Best Game award from Edge magazine. The game will be released across Europe in early 2007, and to receive such a coveted award so early on in the campaign is a fantastic endorsement for us, and a great tribute to the development team behind the multi-million-selling game"

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PS360WII4350d ago

It's good to hear. Played it and yes it kept me wanting to play more. The gambits were something else that's for sure. I did like how there were no random battles and you could see all of the enemies out there. It's a good game and deserving of the award from Edge

calderra4350d ago

In other news, the sun rose again this morning. Skeptics held with baited breath until the last moment, even refusing for many minutes to admit defeat. Some even went so far as to claim that the sun had not, in fact, risen and that lowlying moisture was producing an optical illusion. But with nationwide reports now pouring in, we're confident we can declare today's daybreak official.

Similarly, the new Final Fantasy game sold out within minutes of release and was hailed as the "zOMG best thing ev0r" by fans, while most of the rest of the world was left collectively scrathing their heads at the odd battle system and effeminate main character. Said one gamer, "This title is almost like one giant racial slur, if you take FF fans to be a race."

lilgringo4349d ago

I don't think it deserved it. First of all it didn't feel like a final fantasy game, didn't like the battle system. I'm not saying i hated it, it's just that i prefer the random battles more. The other thing is that it really lacked an engaging storyline, i don't think i ever felt like i had to know what would happen next. I'm dissapointed with square, first ffx-2 and now this, let's hope XIII/versus turns out better

DrJones4349d ago

For giving this 8.0? For stupendous reasons like to much dialouge and and long cutscenes? To much focus on the world and culture of Ivalice instead of the main characters? To much room for customizing your characters? These are virtues in a final fantasy game, not setbacks you fools! Everyone else loves it, except for you!