Too Human demo hits 1 million downloads

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has confirmed to VG247 that the Too Human demo has now been downloaded over 1 million times.

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Silly Poor Xbots3725d ago

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Poor Xbots, Too Horrible hits 1 million critic failure.

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ukilnme3725d ago

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Zhuk3725d ago

Only Xbox 360 has the biggest titles these holidays with many AAA titles to look forward to in 2008. Too Human is undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest hits of the year both commercially and critically, with the master direction and vision of legendary developers Silicon Knights and the visionary talent of Denis Dyack Too Human is set to become yet another classic in the Xbox 360s unbeatable lineup.

The hype for this game is immense as Xbox 360 consumers and enthusiasts alike are anticipating the release of a blockbuster title which will become another new exciting IP in the Xbox 360s lineup, far more exciting than Sony's pathetic attempts to combat the Xbox 360s domination with shameless copies of Xbox 360 IPs with 'God of War' 'Resistance' and 'Killzone'

With games like Too Human, consumers will undoubtedly be selecting the Xbox 360 as their console of choice for this holidays, which will be reflected in hardware and software sales domination for the Xbox 360 over the inferior PS3.

The fandroids love to hate this game simply because they are jealous of how brilliant, innovative and revolutionary Too Human is. They see all the amazing titles on the Xbox 360 and are jealous because their PS3 has no good games on it and all their exclusives were commercial and critical failures.

I really can't blame these fandroids either, if I had to spend all day playing Lair and Resistance I would be jealous of Xbox 360 owners as well.

With the critical and commercial success of Too Human in 2008, there is another reason to Jump In and purchase an Xbox 360 these holidays

DaKid3725d ago

Do you write speehes for a living?

IzKyD13313725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

"Too Human is undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest hits of the year both commercially and critically"


"far more exciting than Sony's pathetic attempts to combat the Xbox 360s domination with shameless copies of Xbox 360 IPs with 'God of War' 'Resistance' and 'Killzone'"


"With the critical and commercial success of Too Human in 2008, there is another reason to Jump In and purchase an Xbox 360 these holidays"

ROTFL! dude keep going, your hilarious!

Pain3725d ago

Every DEMO on Xbox 2 hits 1 Million. WHO GIVES A CRAP.

i DL crappy JP PSN games i cant read do i get a medal?

porn get Downloaded lots too... wow news.....

bigcheda3725d ago

you forgot to end your post with a sarcasm tag...wait this post was sarcasm right?

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DaKid3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I hope it gets enough sales for a sequel. It really is a great game, and if they can improve the camara and other minor flaws and improve on the story (that imo sounds like a great story). We would have ourselves another great franchise.

That is for those of use that enjoy great games, and not which console it comes out on.

Montrealien3725d ago

From the pre-orders I have at my store it is looking to be a good seller, we have as many pre orders for this game atm then we do for NHL 09 and In Montreal, NHL 09 is huge. I feel positive for a sequel, there is as much good buzz as there is bad buzz and that is good. Say good things, say bad things, as long as you keep talking about it.

Halochampian3725d ago

you do know that it is a trilogy right?

and it does seem like it will be a great game.

First time: Hated the demo

second: liked it

third: loved it

fourth: loved a little more

That is exactly how it happened.

La Chance3725d ago

they'll be carrying on with the trilogy idea if it flops.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3724d ago

They had part two underway long before the first one was finished. They will take all the feedback from the first one, and apply it to part two and will have part 3 underway before it launches.

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dale13725d ago

lots of my mates say it sucks,some times demos hurt games, wait for the scores as it hasn,t had much feed back from the gaming press

Montrealien3725d ago

It has gotten some decent feed back from gamers, but I guess to some the gaming press is god right?

poopface13725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I didnt like it. Combat Wasnt smooth enough for my liking. I read somewhere about some previewer who didnt like it at first but it grew on him. Id say it isnt taht bad considering its more like diablo than NG like. Could be a good game, but im more for combat over a balance between combat and RPG elements.

I think the reason I didnt like it was the right stick attacking, but Ive been playing NG 2 alot so that could be why it was weird. If you more interested in 3rd person combat only, try NG2, its the best combat in any game ever. If you want proof find someone who beat it on an easy mode like warrior, and play through part of the game after its been restarted with all the weapons maxed. Flails/tonfas/kursi-gama are some weapons which are worth mentioning, since the others have all been covered. If the combat in NG was any deeper we'd all drown in it(even ryu who can run on the water).

kevnb3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I see the media has brainwashed a few more into thinking the medias opinion matters. Video games have hit mainstream, now is not a good time to trust video game reviews. As for Too Human, well Eternal Darkness was clunky and had some issues, but I loved it just the same because of the atmosphere and the story. Im thinking I may feel the same for Too Human. Ill give it a rent.

Le-mo3725d ago

Facepalm.gif is all I can say.

morganfell3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

The issue is the game is hyped but the game isn't worthy of said hype. I personally downloaded it, removed it and then a buddy came by and asked about it so I downloaded it again. Yes I deleted it again. Saying a million people elected to download something that is free is quite meaningless. Especially considering the fact that for many Xbox owners downloading is one of the few free features available to their online service.

Dyack is praying right now. He acted like an asshole to too many people, he was an arrogant jerk and then at E3 a few years back had his legs hacked off. Deservedly so as he trash talked other games and other developers. He felt the backlash and he knows everything hinges on this launch. The only thing Too Human has in it's favor is the fact Too Human launches right at the end of a gaming dry spell.

It is one of the very very few exclusives MS has the holiday season as they are buried under a mountain of MAJOR MAJOR PS3 titles this fall and winter. Ah the 360 isn't what it used to be but then again it never was what it was thought to be in the first place. Football players always look tougher when there is no one to tackle them. MS doesn't get to sprint down the field with no opposing team this year and the linebacker out there breaks running backs in half...and he plays for Team Sony.

TH had better get their licks in quick because a few days after TH, Mercenaries launches and TH will be forgotten and relegated to the bargain bin.

juuken3725d ago

Hey morgan, DarkSniper showed me a video of the game while we were chatting on the PS3. That game looks terrible's like a shameless ripoff of Ninja Gaiden, God of War, and Devil May Cry rolled into one. xDDDD

morganfell3725d ago


My first issue with any game is always the story. There are PSN and Live Arcade titles where this doesn't apply, but in a major game like this it certainly does.

Once upon a time, back when Too Human was planned as a massive 6 disk PS1 title, the story of Too Human was one of morality and choice. It really made you question, as a handful of Science Fiction films such as Ghost in the Shell and Bladerunner have, what it mean to be human...and would you trade that humanity in order to save humanity.

Then something went awry at SK and the entire cyberpunk story line was gutted and replaced with the current lifeless Nordic form. A horrific waste of an opportunity. Oh well I can always read Neuromancer, Count Zero, or Mona Lisa Overdrive. (Yes in the proper order)

Graphically the game's biggest hindrance is the camera. I have spoken of this before and will continue to do so. But even worse than the camera is the fodder that is supposed to be a stand in for the AI. A lot can be forgiven in a title but the two biggest, story and AI are the cornerstone essentials and without them the game completely falls apart.

Anyone that thinks the AI in TH is great, well, that says something decisive about that persons level of intellect or leack thereof if they think the entities in TH are lifelike. "Rowbots iz dum!" Little can be said for the AI with you either.

The combat is just repetitive as hell. And I mean mind numbingly repetitive. Play one section you have played it all.

Overall, when I think about TH, the words of Will Rogers and what he said about communism come to mind, "It's a nice idea but it won't work." And it doesn't. People that are buzzing over this title are very easy to pick out. And they refuse to admit when it is bad. When Haze was released I played it and then I was blatantly honest about what kind of game it was and the fact it barely qualifies as a game. TH is no different.

juuken3725d ago

Good thing I haven't gotten my 360 yet because if I had it and I played this demo, my sanity would have died. O-O

Mausenheimmer3724d ago

A mountain of PS exclusives this fall, Morgan? I count five- Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, MotorStorm 2, SOCOM and the much anticipated Buzz Quiz TV. And the 360 has Fable 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Viva Pinata 2, Gears of War 2, Too Human, Banjo Kazooie 3, Tales of Vesperia, Left 4 Dead, the GTA 4 DLC and time exclusives of Rock Band 2 and Last Remnant.

By my count, Sony is outnumbered 10 to 5 (counting time exclusives as a half game).

So will you admit to being wrong in your theory or will you come up with some irrelevant facts and call it a day?

My money is on the latter.

juuken3724d ago

And Mausenheimmer, you forgot about Valkyria Chronicles.

That's a PS3 exclusive.

And you can't really call games exclusives if they're timed. Also, GTA DLC isn't a game. Most people have forgotten about GTA.

Damn, talk about massive fail.

Mausenheimmer3724d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is coming out in Spring 09, not Fall 08. My point remains the same no matter how you spin it. The 360 has more exclusive content coming out sooner than the PS3.

morganfell3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

juuken, whatever Mausenheimer had to say disregard it. I put him on ignore weeks ago and have been happier for it. With an avatar from a game that was a better elevator simulator than a science fiction title, what could he possibly have of value to say.

BTW, I already paid off Valkyria. I definitely have to get you on my friends list. When Resistance hits the 8 player Coop is going to be a blast. Sweet having a game that doesn't expect to cheaply pass off the single player game as the Coop. And if you haven't seen the E3 trailers for Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty and Ragdoll Kung Fu catch them. Had me laughing my ass off...My money is there.

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