PS Vita CPU clockspeed finally unearthed and it's slower than we all expected

It turns out that the PS Vita's CPU is clocked slower than we all expected (something in the ballpark of 800MHz).

However, Sony made the right decision here -- it's in everyone's interests that the Vita sustains that maximum performance over lengthy play sessions, offering great battery life to boot. This should be applauded.


The PS Vita's CPU speed is clocked at between 44-444MHz.

The 800MHZ figure stated was the expected figure from many years back. Sorry about the confusion.

Do click through to the piece for the details, as Sony's decision to set the maximum speed to 444MHz is actually pretty smart.

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TWB1206d ago

Wow, wasnt it originaly reported that Vita was supposed to have like, 1.2-1.6GHz clockspeed?

I mean, its all right if developers find the 800MHz speed sufficient but its still kind of interesting.

Does Vita have PS2 classics? Like emulated classics and not the remastered ones?

donwel1206d ago

I'm sure the Vitas 800MHz CPU was already common knowledge, I'm sure I read it through an article on here a year or 2 ago. Well I suppose it's nice to have it reiterated.
To answer your question, no the Vita doesn't get emulated PS2 classics.
It does have a few remasters like the Jak and Daxter trilogy and the Sly collection.

Eidolon1206d ago

It's not 800, it's 44-444mhz. pretty sad

dantesparda1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Next we are going to find out that the PS4 isn't even 1.6GHz, but something slower. Same thing with it the GDDR5 which is supposed to be 5500Mhz, bet you we'll find out that slower too. This is so typical of Sony.

WitWolfy1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Well If I'm not mistaken, wasnt the Vita like unlocked recently? By that I mean, didnt Sony take off limitations for future devs to get more out of the device anyways?

Yodagamer1206d ago

They let the devs start using more memory, but it takes away some multitasking for apps.

SolidGear31206d ago

MGS HD Collection.. Zone of the Enders and Silent Hill HD Collections were cancelled for Vita.

Hold_It1206d ago

MGS HD Collection came out though? I have the physical cartridge.

Revengeance1206d ago

MGS HD Collection is already on Vita.

ZoE Collection was cancelled for Vita.

nodim1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

There never was a SH HD Collection for Vita.

Eidolon1206d ago

Because it was cancelled?

rawshack1206d ago

Silent hill 2 on vita would have been cool

DarXyde1205d ago

You're telling me the HD collection cartridge that's in my Vita isn't really there?

Years before Metal Gear Solid V is released and I'm seeing phantoms, apparently.

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UKmilitia1206d ago

i think if im not mistaken they reduced the clock speed to make the battery last longer.

disgaeapuchi1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Sadly, Eidolon is right, Vita's CPU operates between 44-444mhz (click through to the article), which is the surprising part as we all expected 800MHz or abouts.

My bad for mentioning 800mhz as the speed we expected in the description, rather than the actual speed of the CPU (333MHz at default with dynamic scaling of 44-444MHz. The 800MHz is what most people "in the know" thought Sony would have chosen as its max clock speed, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

It actually makes a lot of sense that Sony went for something like 400mhz as they are carrying double the cores of the iPhone 4s which was released at the same time with its Cortex A9 cores at 800MHz. (Vita, as you know, is a quad core CPU). The article explains things a lot better mind, and it's definitely a smart decision on Sony's front

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Activemessiah1206d ago

Considering this revelation, I'm amazed how Killzone looks and plays on it.

WitWolfy1206d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss too..

Vegamyster1206d ago

Framerate is a bit iffy on it.

Vegamyster1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )


A game that can hold a solid 30 fps?

Performance is iffy regardless of the people disagreeing with me, if you play something like Gravity Rush which is also a very pretty game you'll see the difference, it still drops but not nearly as much.

Forum_Pirate1205d ago

It drops playing Dragons Crown too. I love my vita, and you guys can hurl all the disagrees you want but if you think more demanding games don't run into slowdown you're straight up wrong.

PhucSeeker1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Thinking back, Killzone merc was so great with its tight gameplay and top-notch graphics but it sold so poorly that it ended up being one of many biggest reasons why Sony doesn't make 1st party games anymore. Such a goddamn shame!

meatnormous1206d ago

I loved Killzone on it. I thought it was a better game than shadow fall.

Pillsbury11206d ago

I still play it to this day, it's great for 1 or 2 quick matches on the go.

freshslicepizza1206d ago

why does it take hackers for this information to come out?

Hold_It1206d ago

Because the only "support" Sony has for the Vita are the controversial "System Software Stability" updates which patch all the things hackers try to do with the system.

Of course some people will label this type of information as a conspiracy, but the information is out there if you look for it and know where to look.

The next hack coming out will allow those who don't update to the new firmware to remove save protection so you can use saves from other accounts, free trophies, make all Vita games on the PSTV compatible, switch accounts on the Vita without having to erase everything, and a lot more.

AHall881206d ago

This is true.
Sony is determined to keep the Vita from becoming PSP 2.0 for hackers.
Sadly that seems to go hand-in-hand with taking focus off AAA games too though.

Eidolon1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

PSP was so hackable, maybe the Vita wouldn't be "dead" if they just let it happen, to an extent.

jebabcock1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Soo.. I don't get it... why are people trying to trash Sony for this. The games were good. The battery on the vita lasts forever. Knowing the cpu speed now means nothing other than there are obviously more important factors to handheld gaming performance than high cpu speed.

Echo4191206d ago

Pretty sure this was widespread knowledge years ago...

No surprise here folks.

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