PS Plus: Free Games for October 2015

Posted by Ryan Clements on Sep 30, 2015 // Social Media Specialist:

One brutally difficult platformer, one heart-warming, coming-of-age story. This month’s PS Plus lineup has a great mix of flavors and you’ve come to the right place for the details! Starting on the first Tuesday of the month, a new lineup of free games comes to PlayStation Plus members, including Super Meat Boy and Broken Age on PS4.

Super Meat Boy will challenge even the most devoted platforming players with teeth-grinding levels, insane obstacles, horrible traps, and smiling chunks of meat. Yum! Can you stand against the gory onslaught of near-impossible tasks in Super Meat Boy? You’ll find out soon enough.

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xHeavYx2551d ago

This seems to be a preview for the month, I'm a bit confused.

Eonjay2551d ago

Yeah it seems like a misfire lol. They are missing several platforms as well. Will just have to wait for the full list. But I am glad for Broken Age. Really wanted to play this.

ChronoJoe2551d ago

The full list is on the EU Blog.

It will probably be the same for the US. Usually is.

Army_of_Darkness2551d ago

I really hope Sony puts out a really good flash sale in October at least...

Bimkoblerutso2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I think PS+ on the PS4 kind of demonstrates one of the biggest problems we're having right now in general (Sony or otherwise)...we're mostly playing games from last generation.

Knushwood Butt2551d ago

Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)
Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)
Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3)
Kickbeat (PS Vita/PS3) (review here)
Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)
Chariot (PS3) (review here)

AceBlazer132549d ago

ps+ has really gone down hill since ps4 launched. i remember getting stuff like bioshock infinite, tomb raider, demon souls etc back on ps3 but now geez, it gets worse every month.

know i shouldn't complain about free stuff but you don't feed me sugar then start feeding me crap and expect me to be cool with it.

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dantesparda2551d ago

I know i am going to get a lot of slack for this, but oh well, i always speak my mind, but ever since the PS4 came out, almost everything from Sony has gotten worst.

Ever since the PS4 came out, PSN has gotten a lot worst by going down a lot more than it ever did under the PS3 and they charge us for it. But at least its been better lately. It was better when it was free.

PS Plus' free games for the PS4 sucks in comparison to the PS3's.

The triple AAA exclusives output has gone down since PS4 came out.

The frequency of firmware updates has gotten alot worst since the PS4 came out and now we have to wait forever for them to come out and they dont even give us what we want.

And if all that isnt bad enough, in the last year, they've even lost alot of their technical advantage over the X1 and now most games are either the same on both systems or even have technical aspects that are better on the X1, which should never be the case.

Sony is so asleep at the wheel this gen, its not even funny. And more and more people are starting to notice.

Kingthrash3602551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

So Sony should do like ms and repeat the same games? Should the plan on giving you old ps3 games like xboxone is doing 360?....or should that continue to deliver day one released games like they've been doing all year? You want do I but Sony isn't obligated to shell out the money to do so.....he they aren't obligated to do this at all! I'm not defending Sony here I'm just saying giving these games is something that we didn't even ask for before. Now that they started giving bigger games with the service instead if minis and discounts with no extra cost...let's face it they could still be giving us minis and charge more for a ps+ mega slam premium subscription for more for what they give us now (which us why I say they are free games) hut they don't. That alone is reason to just sit back and enjoy what you are givin. These day 1 free games like meatboy ensures that at least 1 game comes that nobody has (on ps4) thus every has a new game. So stop complaining and enjoy fames.

Death2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

PS+ on the PS4 has been mostly indie games. There has been a small handful of games like Injustice, the Infamous stand alone DLC and the Metal Gear prologue, but that is it. I agree the content on PS3 was much better if you are not into budget games. When it was an optional service the games were more compelling in my opinion, but it had to be since online gaming and PS+ were separate. With the PS4 everyone that want to play online has to subscribe to the game service. No need to have AAA games since it's no longer a choice.

I don't think PSN is any worse on PS4 than it was on PS3. I don't think it's any better though either and when Plus was revealed as being mandatory Sony stated the money would be used to make a more robust online service. While many including myself thought that meant a more stable network, it meant the money would be used to fund more network services like PSNow and PSVue.


To be clear, are you saying nobody expected "free" games with PS+? That is like saying nobody expects "free" movies with Netflix. PS+ is a game subscription service. I'm pretty certain everyone who subscribes to a game service expects games. PS+ on PS3 set the expectations and it had a much better line up than we have seen on PS4 if you aren't a huge fan of indie games. Personally I don't care for indies and let my subscription lapse. Last time I renewed it was when Injustice and Infamous First Light were announced. I kind of expected more high quality content like that when renewing.

It's great that you enjoy the day 1 "free" indie games you are paying for. There are those of us that see most of these games as shovelware though so it's not necessarily realistic to tell these people to enjoy the games they don't like. For $50 you could buy the few indies that worth playing and own them.

For what it's worth, Super Meat Boy is a 5 year old Xbox Live Arcade game. It got great reviews, but is hardly new. It's simply new to Playstation gamers.

2551d ago
gangsta_red2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

On PS+ I disagree, the amount of games released have been slower this year and you have to even look at when PS+ for PS3 started to offer free games for their members. I am pretty sure it was well into last gen cycle when there was plenty of games for Sony to offer it's users and it was a great incentive to use and get people to sign up for their paid service instead of having it free. It's different now because this incentive is still active going into this gen.

"The triple AAA exclusives output has gone down since PS4 came out."

We were told last gen that triple A games would slow down. The cost is just way too high to be pumping them out at a rate we all expect which is exactly why the focus from Sony has mainly been on smaller titles including indie games. Nothing wrong with that since a lot of those games are really fun. And it has made way for a lot of breakout hits like Rocket League and even Until Dawn.

"The frequency of firmware updates has gotten alot worst since the PS4..."

I seriously disagree with this. The firmware updates have been slow but they have all been relevant and for the most part have all been about the games. Granted I have seen some requests of what the PS4 is missing from the PS3 but Rome wasn't built in a day and I am sure they will be coming. A lot goes into these updates and I rather them take their time and make sure they are functioning properly then rushing them out and crashing my PS4.

"...technical advantage over the X1 and now most games are either the same on both systems or even have technical aspects that are better on the X1,"

Well you can blame the bill of goods a lot of people sold everyone of PS4 being more powerful and every game has to be superior to X1. On paper yes it's true but not by much and definitely not what people here should expect. Now that devs are getting more familiar with the X1 tech we are seeing a lot of multiplat games running better or mainly the same on both consoles.

"Sony is so asleep at the wheel this gen, its not even funny."

I really disagree, there have been some missteps from Sony with a lot of delays and a few titles not living up to their hype (not to mention a few of their PS4 related peripherals failing) but all in all they have provided some already great games for the start of this gen. And they are also about to release the PS VR which I'm not a fan but I can see the potential and at least they're taking a chance with it.

Patience dante, I think you are being a little to hard on Sony.

Kingthrash3602551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

So we just gunna ignore how much money Sony spends on releasing multiple games for multiple consoles and a hand held? We just gunna forget about how gow released on ps3 last month and drive club on ps4 2 months ago? We just gunna sit here and whine because we didn't get the kind of candy we want? Forgetting that this is one of the best deals. ..if not the best deals in gameing? me one better deal. Name me one better subscription in gameing....what ea access? How many games do you get a year on it? How old are these games? What xbl? Lol ...what else is there? Smh man yall whine too little 8 year Olds at walmart.
These are games for a service we pay 49.99 a year for..that 49.99 gets its worth on a month. Smh every month it's the same thing....and then when they put out a AAA it's too old and we gotta whine about that too. I can tell most of you are new gamers....I can appreciate what ps+/xbl is doing because I come from a time where you had to pay full price for games and there was no such thing as trade ins.

Loadedklip2551d ago

On PS3 ... they had to make PS Plus worthwhile since online multiplayer was free.

On PS4 ... Sony knows that CoD, Battlefield, NBA 2k, Madden and other online multiplayer games will force gamers to buy PS Plus now that they got people to accept to pay for online multiplayer so there is no need for them to have to spend money to get the rights to put a AAA game on PS Plus often.

Fanboys were so busy cheering that PS4 had no DRM, Always online that they didn't look up at the screen at E3 and noticed that it said PS Plus required for online multiplayer.

It was very well executed by Sony.

sweetgbus2551d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I still love my PS and I am grateful that we get anything for free (for either platform) but the past few months of offerings have been a severe let down. I don't expect AAA titles all of the time, but the focus on out of date indies makes me pay less and less attention to the service. Maybe Sony is holding out something big for the holidays.

RobLoPR2551d ago

Hey hey take it easy Kingthrash360... you cant talk about EA Access when their last 3 free games are Titanfall, Dragon Age Inquisition and now coming with Battlefield Hardline in October... can you say AAA??

HammadTheBeast2551d ago

Kingthrash stop defending Sony man, they dropped the ball and you know it. MS has been ramping up Games with Gold, while we've gotten indie games (which, for the most part are mediocre or maybe fun for 20 minutes).

They had way better releases on PS3, and it's been 2 years so the "lack of AAA" games excuse has well run its course.

Not to mention, Driveclub PS+ was a complete ripoff (they promised the full game on PS+ at launch at E3) and will be removed as well, and its just a mess right now.

They need to get their shit together for PS+ games, I and other people pay money for it. If it was just multiplayer, I would've switched to PC gaming long ago, but I pay for the "free" games along with my subscription.

This month is incredibly disappointing.

Death2551d ago


To answer your question, EA Access in my opinion has been well worth the money. Xbox Live's Games with Gold has been doing a great job the last few months with free games for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The 360 games are actually free since we can keep them if our subs expire. Xbox One games have the same expiration PS+ games do. With the b/c update these free 360 games will also be playable on Xbox One.

As for "old" AAA games vs. "new" indies, I'll personally take the old AAA games over games I have no interest in. Once again, Super Meat Boy is a 5 year old Xbox Live Arcade game from last gen. I'm not sure how "new" that is. Not all games that hit Plus are new, many are older indies. Even if they are new, you are comparing games that retail for $5-$15 vs. games that retail for $40-$50.

Piffgaming2551d ago

dantespanda you are 100% correct the 3.0 update was embarassing and it was prolly the second update for the whole year

JackBNimble2551d ago

Here's an idea, sell your Ps4 and go buy an Xbone so you can buy xbox live and get their 2 free games a month . So what if ps+ or Xbox gold (or what ever you call it) stopped giving out free games? Would you cancel your subscription and quit gaming ?

I didn't buy a Ps4 expecting to get great games out of ps+ , I bought it because I am a gamer .Everything that I get from ps+ is a bonus whether I choose to download them or not. The games I want I pay for, I don't sit here and wait month after month for ps+ games .

Fact is we pay to play online, and MS has been doing this for years now. I don't known why any of you would be surprised that Sony started doing it, and if you don't like it then you can choose not to pay for ps+ and play offline.

We are just coming up on year 2 for the Ps4 ,how many AAA games did you expect to get out of ps+ ?

TFJWM2551d ago

You do understand if you only buy a yearly membership when its on sale you can get it for $35...It's pretty hard to say that any month of games was not worth $3...

Viper72551d ago

It might be because lack of real competition. Microsoft stumbled pretty bad right at the start of the generation and they are still recovering from it.

Nintendo is well Nintendo and as such not really competing on the same field.

Death2551d ago


We all bought PS4's because we are gamers. I'm not sure where that has ever been questioned. We are discussing PS+ which is a game subscription service. For $50 a year you get 2 games for each Playstation platform you own. This is anywhere between 2-6 games, the later being if you own all three Sony platforms. If all 6 games every month appeal to you, it's a great service. If you aren't into indie games there has been one full console release with Injustice, one standalone DLC with Infamous and one prologue with MGS5. This is over the course of 2 years since the PS4's release date is next month. We are going into year 3, not year 2 like you stated.

I think the question some of us have is why do we have to subscribe to a game rental service for games we don't download to access online multiplayer? It's not a question of money, it's a matter of principal. I would rather Sony keep the games and come out and say they are charging for online access like Microsoft did a decade ago. Charging me for something I don't want (indies) or download instead of investing into the infrastructure is insulting.

If you don't like indies it doesn't make you any less of a gamer. Playing indies doesn't make you more "hardcore" either. It's incredible to see so many so called hardcore gamers dismiss Nintendo platforms and games for being too childish while playing games that require an even shorter attention span and often very little skill. Indies for the most part are a quick cash grab with very little risk and relatively high reward for developers.

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callahan092551d ago

Definitely excited for Broken Age. Haven't played that one yet. Super Meat Boy is really awesome, too, I'll play it again.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller2551d ago

No AAA games yet. Disappointing.

RiseofScorpio2551d ago

Killzone is long overdue, maybe the 2 yr anniversary. They'll make money on DLC and the population will increase.

HammadTheBeast2551d ago

No good indie's either. SMB is half a decade old, and I haven't even heard of the rest.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller2549d ago

Disagree? Why because I'm right? Name me one AAA game thats been free for PS Plus. I'm expecting 5 responses.

Yahdaree2551d ago

This is the worst Plus yet, and I'm the biggest Plus fan.

ThatArtGuy2551d ago

Me too, but Super Meat Boy is worth the last two months for me.

HammadTheBeast2551d ago


You should've gotten it for sales when it was under $10 on other platforms.

lipton1012551d ago

Great. More games I'll never play...

XanderZane2551d ago

Only thing on there I'd probably get is Broken Age and King Fu Rabbit. I have all the other games already except KickBeat. Don't even know what that is. Not a great month for me. An ok month for gamers who don't own any of these games.

KiwiViper852551d ago

Kickbeat is a cross between guitar hero and dance central. You control the characters dance routine by hitting correct QTE prompts. Very poor.

lelo2play2551d ago

Not surprising... Another crap month for PS+.

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Sir_Simba2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I was really expecting the 20th anniversary to bring something big, but ok.

First time I've felt compelled to say this month is underwhelming to me.

yay for november.

TLG19912551d ago

underwhelming? super meat boy is a great game

and broken age is absolutely fantastic. the only thing thats sad about broken age is there isn't more games like that any more.

Takwin2551d ago

Broken Age started well, but the second part was not good and had some of the most frustrating and stupidly-designed puzzles I've seen in 30 years of gaming.

Super Meat Boy is a solid game, just not my thing. But I definitely see why it is good.

sackboyhappy2551d ago

super meat boy is a 5 year old indie, it might be good but they should've added something else imo

Bimkoblerutso2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Yeah, Broken Age was passable overall (honestly not even one of the best point-and-click in the past couple of years, in my opinion, but it was ok), but what really made it disappointing was the development cycle it went through.

There have been much smaller teams that have done way more with less money and in much less time, but all we got from Double Fine was excuses...and a bunch of other crappy little gimmicky / mobile / micro games that came out while Broken Age was still in development. And yeah, that second half seemed rushed and unfinished and the ending made very little sense. Maybe we're a little off-topic, though...

HammadTheBeast2551d ago

Super meat boy is 6 years old, and Broken Age is hardly fantastic.

Hotabang2551d ago

played the first part of broken age, felt so easy and so short. Character humor is nice, but the game itself was a mockery of its genre.

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UKmilitia2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

sorry replied to wrng person

DragoonsScaleLegends2551d ago

Velocity 2X and Grow Home are the only games I've ever received from plus on PS4 and liked them. Of course I still check out and download every game each month though they usually are deleted pretty fast. Neither of these look that great but this previous Xbox meat is interesting though I think they should be sued for using Super in their name and not porting it to SNES.

DragoonsScaleLegends2551d ago


I forgot about Rocket League, I deleted it a week ago because it was too addicting and I was wasting too much of my life playing only it. Now I might have to re-download it... fuck.

TheLoCoRaven2551d ago


You're a disgrace to the league. Hang your head in shame!!!

I'm kind of the opposite, I like the game so much I've been buying the DLC and theme and what not and I don't even really care about any of it. Just want to support the game.

Yukes2551d ago

I used to defend PS Plus but not sure I can anymore. All of the titles just seem so lacklusture, and are often ones that I've played on Steam a while back.

Still, on the plus side I'm finally getting through my backlog!

UKmilitia2551d ago

same here,Im starting to worry that Sony is starting to slack due to there sales gap.

updates are aimed at youtubers and social crap and weak psn games(im not expecting latest games but surely now some non indies)
also i thought we voted each month on a game?

DragoonsScaleLegends2551d ago

Only buy plus if you're interested in backing up your game saves and playing online. If you don't care about either of those then you don't need plus. Sony should add a media backup feature as part of plus where you can back up clips that you record with the share button.

TFJWM2551d ago

I only buy plus for the games...I get it when its $35 a year, the games are well worth $3 a month

ThanatosDMC2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Just copy your vid files on a flash drive or external but i recommend just getting a capture card.

andibandit2551d ago


Unfortunately perceived value does not seem to be quite that good.

blackblades2551d ago

Like I said before if you want a AAA game go buy it, also its really stupid to sit and say imma let my sub expire, just because of the games. No thought about cloud saves or discounts. Also why let it go and then renew just to play a AAA where you can just buy it and you can keep playing after your sub runs out. It's like people forgot that you can't play nothing in the ps+ library when it's gone.

HammadTheBeast2551d ago

I expected better games when I signed up for PS+. Especially since they did much better on PS3 and the early months on PS4.

blackblades2551d ago

Well times change buddy, don't expect everything to be the same forever. There's more to ps+ then free games and discounts is more preferable.

lipton1012551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

All I see are more games I'll never play. Of the 41 games I downloaded from PS+ since ps4 came out, I think, at last count, 30 were 2d side scrolling titles. Of those games, I've enjoyed only 3, stuck it to the man, limbo and Valiant Hearts. The rest are dual stick shoot-me-ups or miscellaneous. Infamous, injustice, MGS GZ, resogun and OUTLAST were all exceptional titles. The rest? Fodder in my opinion, there only to satisfy the promise of "free games every month!"... Now I don't expect MGSV TPP free anytime soon, but for Pete's sake, can't they offer better games for once??? I roll my eyes every time I see the next months offerings. On a side note, I havnt tried grow home yet, but it looks cool.

Edit: Rocket League was amazing.

HammadTheBeast2551d ago

Exactly, a few 2d or sidecrollers are fun, but we don't need multiple every month. Rocket League and Transistor are the only memorable PS+ games for me this year.

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neocores2551d ago

..... Well wow ig.... 2-months od mediocre titles

die_fiend2551d ago

If you'd played Broken Age or Super Meat Boy, you'd realise that these were far from awful. Or you just have appalling taste.

lipton1012551d ago

Appalling taste? Some of us expect current gem games on our shiny current gem hardware. 2d platformers do not appeal to everyone, especially me. I didn't even get into gaming hardcore until AFTER the Nes / Genesis days because, even at like 5 - 10 years old, I hated platformers. So next time speak for yourself pal. Outlast was the last game I was excited for on ps+, and that was from February 2014...

ThanatosDMC2551d ago

Lipton101, you could buy those games you want. No one is stopping you.

die_fiend2550d ago

Ok Lipton, but have you played either of them? Or are you just talking [email protected]?

WellyUK2551d ago

It's been mediocre since the first month of PS4... With exception to Rocket league.

Dario_DC2551d ago

Must say that last month was bad because most people voted for the wrong game!... this month is way better actually but Knack should be here already...

2551d ago