Second Halo Movie Script Lives Long Enough To Generate Concept Art

That first Halo movie project? With Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson? So dead. Never. Being. Made. But, as we already know, Halo nerd Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe) has stepped into the vacuum left by Jackson & co, and has written a script based on the events of the first Halo novel, Fall of Reach. That script's apparently been kicking around Hollywood for a little while now, and has a few people very interested in the project, to the point where some concept art is being drawn up "as part of an eventual presentation to Microsoft". Film site Latino Review claim to have gotten hold of some of this art, and will be posting it over the next few weeks. Which, provided our chains aren't being yanked, should be a hoot. The first piece is a little...fantastical, though LR say it's actually in the script/book. Click through for the full thing.

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