Capcom "overhauling" Spyborgs, trying for 100 zombies at once in Dead Rising on Wii

On the Capcom-Unity forums, after someone made a comment about how the graphics in Spyborgs could easily be achieved on the PS2, Capcom's Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson noted that the game would be seeing an overhaul. "You won't see new assets for several more months. We're refining it considerably (pretty much as significant an overhaul as Dark Void underwent from its first announcement to its first big reveal). I have seen a new build recently though… it's coming along nicely. That's all I'll say about that for now.

In other Capcom related news, in the most recent issue of Nintendo Power, there is a tiny snippet in the Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop article that explains "the developer's goal is to fit more than 100 zombies onscreen at once.)

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ChickeyCantor3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Actually the article says "more than 100".
So they manged the 100 already?

Zerodin3752d ago

I wouldn't put it past them. Their great games to crap ratio is very good!

Voiceofreason3752d ago

Very nice. My two biggest complaints were a lack of zombies in Dead rising and I really did not see anything that interesting about Spy borgs. Now if they could only work on bringing more original games to Wii and less 2 year old ports. Oh and try to actually advertise your products.

Zerodin3752d ago

PS3 oughta get at least ONE Capcom exclusive zombie game.
Each version of Dead Rising are practically different games that just use the same assets, different engines, different code. So in a way they're exclusives. PS3 should be given it's own, just to be fair!

PS360WII3752d ago

Glad they are putting some money into Spyborgs doing an overhaul on it should work well. Nice they are pushing for the same amount of zombies that the 360 had as well. Good times Capcom good times ^^

VMAN_013752d ago

Good luck with the 100 zombies.

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