25 minutes of English Summon Night 5 gameplay

Gaijinworks has released a 25-minute English gameplay video of Summon Night 5 showcasing an event scene and battle from the upcoming strategy RPG.

The footage is from Chapter 2 of the game and follows Arca’s character path with Kagerou as her Cross. Gaijinworks notes that the skill and summon sets for the characters is still pretty limited at this point, given that it’s at an early point in the game. There’s also a typo in the text, but it’s already been fixed. (The footage is from an older build.)

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Geobros2627d ago

One of the last games for PSP and it looks very promising!

Miguelitons2627d ago

Yes, looks very interesting! But you should tag it also with PS Vita as it will be playable there too and so it would get a wider audience!

addictedtochaos2626d ago

Was actually able to get a physical copy pre-ordered, looking forward to it.