G&P Reviews PixelJunk Eden

When Japan's Q-Games began releasing its first series of deceptively simple titles on the PlayStation 3 back in mid 2007, a lot of discerning gamers were wowed by both their glossy presentation and innovative play mechanics. PixelJunk Eden, Q-Games newest, continues this tradition.

While falling just short of perfect, PixelJunk Eden stands as one of the most innovative games (downloadable or otherwise) to be released so far this year. A poster child for the "games as art" movement, one can only hope that it inspires other developers to strive to create titles which, through their own uniqueness, appeal to both the casual and the hardcore alike.

Reviewer: Ed Kirchgessner

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PJF_Josh3751d ago

PJ Monsters and PJ Eden were such great games, it made me go back and try the demo for PJ Racers again. I hated that game at first but like many others, I think I went into it with the wrong expectations. It's _not_ a racing game, it's really more of a puzzle game with a series of quests and challenges. Keeping that in mind, I really enjoyed the demo the second time around and ended up buying it. The PixelJunk series of games are really becoming the must-have downloads from the PSN. Well done Q-Games!