Call of Duty Makes Up a Fake Tragedy on Twitter

Twitter is usually used for game companies to poke some fun or be cute with their audience. The Call of Duty Twitter is taking it even further by livetweeting a tragedy. A fake tragedy, no less.

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Zotaku872810d ago

I may not care for Call of Duty, but I love me some viral marketing.

GigawattConduit2810d ago

This is way more effective than you'd think.

AizenSosuke2810d ago

Even though cheesy as hell, it's good marketing.

The7Reaper2809d ago

There's nothing bad about this it's called marketing and if you went to the CoD twitter account for real world news then you're stupid

Klonoa-dreamtraveler2809d ago

I hope people thinking it's real are just trolling cause you got to be a real a** clown to believe this was real.

TeamLeaptrade2809d ago

Oh there's always going to be people who believe stories like this. I imagine some don't even notice the account posting it and take it as truth.

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