Microsoft Sorry Not To See PAL PS3 For Xmas

Speaking to Aussie website, PALGN, David McLean, Microsoft's Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand, Entertainment and Devices Division claims that the PS3s no-show has not, "…affected our strategy or plans for Xbox 360 this year."

This, of course, is very much like the Duke of Wellington claiming that a Napoleon no-show at the battle of Waterloo wouldn't alter his thinking.

Moving further into Corpro-Speak, McLean took 'bullish' to new and deeply disingenuous levels by saying, "In fact, to be honest, we're disappointed that consumers won't be able to compare the two consoles side-by-side this Christmas and then make their purchasing decision a position from which we believe we win."

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Juevani4321d ago

bill gates will slap his ass for that comment.. lol

dfb19774321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

what some jumped up corporate VP with a Napolean complex really thinks. If you do, you really need to take a look at your life. I started checking this site out for info on future game releases and technology. All it seems to be lately is one article after another full of BS about figures and my c*ck's bigger than yours articles.

calderra4321d ago

No, he's actually correct here.
When you actually get the two systems side by side, you see that Sony's unit doesn't really give you much to justify the price. Microsoft really does want PS3 to release worldwide so consumers aren't comparing 360 to what PS3 was supposed to be- they want consumers to see the reality.

-The games don't look any better (and most look worse at the moment). Or if they do look better, they don't look any better than their 360 counterparts would given the extra dev time.
-Almost across the board, HD-DVD movies still beat their BluRay counterparts in sound and audio.
-Sony isn't yet offering any killer titles to really outshine 360. Motorstorm's great, but it's no Grand Theft Auto (multiplatform), or Assassin's Creed (multiplatform), or (wait a minute...) and even when Sony's big guns are releasing (MGS for example), 360's soon pushing Mass Effect, Fable 2, Forza 2, and so forth.

Microsoft really is ready for a head-to-head battle.

Dlacy13g4321d ago

Right now with shortages and games basically showing no real difference MS totally wants to see consumers see that in the stores ....not be able to buy a PS3 (shortage) and say well they are basically the same so I will get a 360.

You see right now in areas where the PS3 has launched the consumer doesn't really have a choice. There are no PS3s available and the comparison makes the argument to wait for it seem pointless. In the PAL areas the consumer can still say "I think I will wait for the PS3 to come out before I choose" and thus cutting off a potential sale/conversion for MS.

Microsoft Master4321d ago

I believe you Calderra. Microsoft are anxious about Europeans not getting the PS3 this Xmas. Xbox 360 is in a great position, but the longer the PS3 is delayed, the more likely it is that the average casual gamer (which make up most of the game industry as a whole)will think that the PS3 is newer and therefore better.

DJ4320d ago

The longer people wait for the PS3, the more time 360s sit on shelves since there isn't any direct comparison for normal consumers. And by the time they do, the 360 will have been old news due to the 16 month release difference. I can see why even Sony absence has a large effect on their plans.

I'm not sure why Calderra is joining in on the "Let's hate on Blu-ray 'cause it's not in the 360" bandwagon. The really early Blu-ray titles looked bad, but they switched to 50 GB discs a long time ago. The visual and audio quality of Blu-ray movies is outstanding now thanks to the added storage capacity. Since both formats use the same video technology, the laughable claims that HD-DVD is visually superior fall flat. In fact, Blu-ray movies get the benefit of more room for uncompressed audio, uncompressed video, and special features.

HD-DVD movies look good too, but unfortunately Microsoft dropped the ball on that feature. Lack of HDMI 1.3 (which the PS3 has) is really hurting 360 owners that want the highest quality audio and visual experience.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4320d ago

"Stupidity is the quality or condition of being stupid, or lacking intelligence, as opposed to being merely ignorant or uneducated."

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