Silly Season Round-Up - PlayStation 4, Wii 2 and Xbox 720

Come follow me, to the magical Mario rumour mill!

It's silly season in the virtual fairytale land of computer games this month, as the publishers' summer software release schedules all but dry up and execs and developers evacuate their city boardrooms and out-of-town code farms in droves to head for the beaches, turning off their BlackBerries for the first time since New Year.

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kesvalk3752d ago

sure, this articles are starting to piss me off

and BTW, first, i think...

trancefreak3752d ago

this always happens every gen since i can remember from the first ps one days.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3752d ago


xBox 1 = FAIL
xBox 360 = FAIL

trancefreak3752d ago

my xbox 1 is the only console that has never broke on me. just saying :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3752d ago

Has never broke on me to!!!;-D

jinn3751d ago

we should focus on this gen and not about the ps3, wii2 and 720