Braben: We'd be "stupid" not to look at more LostWinds

Frontier's David Braben's told VG247 that the developer would be "stupid" to not look at making more LostWinds games.

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ItsDubC3729d ago

Agreed, LostWinds is awesome and my only gripe is its short length. Understandable for a new IP WiiWare title that Frontier wasn't sure would be worth a long drawn-out development cycle. Now that the IP is established and successful, I can't see why they wouldn't make a sequel.

vertigun3729d ago

Doesn't it say 'to be continued' at the end of the game?

Smacktard3729d ago

My only problems with the game are its short length (understandable, as it's on Wiiware, is a new IP, and is only $10) and its easy gameplay (hopefully it will get harder as the series progresses).