Three Blockbuster Games When You Take Home the Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle

Xbox Wire:

It’s day two in our week full of bundles and to help gamers get into the holiday spirit, we’re packing a punch today with value like never before. We’re excited to unveil the Xbox One 1TB Holiday Bundle featuring a few of our favorites from the greatest games lineup in our history: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay and a full-game download of Ori and the Blind Forest. With 1TB of storage, you can play and store more games than ever, including your Xbox 360 favorites thanks to Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

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Automatic792736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Another great bundle MS keeps raising the value of bundles each passing day. Kudos to MS.

Transporter472736d ago

It doesn't seem that intriguing to me since the games in the bundle are fairly cheap, but that's just my opinion.

BiggerBoss2736d ago

Im just wondering if MS knows what a "Blockbuster" is. Gears is the only one Id consider a blockbuster and its a remaster.

3-4-52736d ago

Solid bundle, even though I'm not a gears fan, it's hard to argue your not getting a ton of games to play day one.

Indie, shooter & old school fun all in one box + 1 TB = a solid console package/ bundle

darkslayer2082736d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gotcha52735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Wow... would this bundle offer a total of 36 games:
Ori = 1 game
Rare Replay = 30 games
Gears Ultimate = 1 game
Gears or War BC = 4 games
Now that what u call a great bundle... it make me wanna trade up but i already own all 3 games and my Day One Xbox has always been good to me.

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lastking952736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

This is a great starter bundle. You will also get the original 4 gears of war games via bc if you download before December. This is probably the best bundle so far value wise.

iTechHeads2736d ago

They're all old games/ports/remasters. The only "new" game there is Ori and that's "just an indie".

The Tomb Raider bundle offers better value iMO. Quality > Quantity

Kingthrash3602736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Ori isn't an indie....its a low budget game yes but it's a ms game. .there is absolutely nothing wrong with indie games and Ori has an independent dev feel but all in all its not an indie. Otherwise I agree. With this bundle you are nor enjoying the new generation at all. No true xbo AAA games here just old games remade..cept Ori.

TheGreatGamer2736d ago

3 more bundles to go, would love to see what faults you and other ps4 fanboys will try and find in them though. If you don't like Xbox just stay away from Xbox articles, it really is that simple

lastking952736d ago

These games are quality they may not be next gen but it'll give you countless hours of enjoy and better than 1 AAA imo AS A STARTER. Coming from someone that owns these.

Kingthrash3602736d ago

That's why I disagree too....why would old ...later generation games be a starter? A ryse dead rising forza 5 bundle would be a starter bundle...all the games in this bundle are available on older consoles that may be owned already by the buyer

mark_parch2736d ago

ori is an amazing game. value for money i think this is hard to beat

Hold_It2736d ago

@iTechHeads you could say the same about the majority of PS4's library. Also one of the Tomb Raider games in the bundle is the Remaster of the Tomb Raider Reboot.

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ninsigma2736d ago

Definitely! The amount of games you get from this is awesome! :O

Scuzzlebutt2736d ago

Blockbuster? One remaster, one old ass remaster collection that no one bought at retail and an indie game. Its more like a left-overs bundle. The games don't even make sense, one rated M and the rest are E to T? Who is this bundle for, not kids. Maybe old people who remember when Rare made good games?

ninsigma2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

The gears remaster is awesome dude! And ori is a gem, regardless of whether it's indie. It is one of the best games this generation and any gamer owes it to themselves to try it out,its just so good. I'm not that fussed about the rare replay but none the less they are classic games that many gamers loved and it would be great for the younger generation to experience them! Gears maybe M but we all know kids play thelse types of games because parents seemingly don't know any better, so that's a pretty moot point.


Krib, I didn't know that! Yeah would be cool if more games could do that. Would look weird but at least it would be open to a wider audience (not that it matters because most kids will play gory games regardless of whether it's suitable).

Kribwalker2736d ago

You can also turn the gore off on gears. A nice feature they should have in most games

Kribwalker2736d ago

Well rare replay finished at 6th in August NPD ahead of until dawn, and it was first in sales after the first week in the UK as well, so I don't know what you are saying that it didn't sell at retail. I bought mine digitally as that is what I am mostly doing this gen, but it seems to have sold well

the_dark_one2736d ago

Ya, and rare play came out at the begining of august and until dawn at the end, so...

ninsigma2736d ago

Come on guys, no need to be like this. It's not a measuring contest if you get my meaning. No need for sales war here, it's just a bundle announcement. A bundle which many people will enjoy should they choose to pick it up just like people yet to pick up until dawn will enjoy that too. All gamers here guys, let's just enjoy the awesome end of year flow of great games without bickering about it for once :D

Kribwalker2736d ago


Gears of war remaster and madden came out the same day as until dawn and finished 3 and 1 respectively, what's your point?

the_dark_one2736d ago

you wore the one who brought it up. im just talking about rare replay and until dawn, i didnt say anything about madden or gears.-"Well rare replay finished at 6th in August NPD ahead of until dawn"

Kribwalker2736d ago

The only reason I brought sales of rare replay up to start with was because scuzzlebutt up above says it hardly sold anything, when in fact it sold quite well for a remaster collection. No other reason but that.

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NotAFanboyyy2736d ago

Orie isn't an indie. It was funded and published by Microsoft. It is also one hell of a game to boot.

Subaruwrx2736d ago

@NotAFanboyy - "Orie isn't an indie." Yeah, but it's not a blockbuster title either. It's also arguable that the Rare Replay and Gears of War remasters qualify as blockbusters. Definition of block buster: "Something, such as a film or book, that sustains widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales."
I'm not saying that this isn't a great bundle, I'm just questioning Microsoft's propensity for over hyping just about all of their products.

2736d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris2736d ago

Conker's Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero are also rated M.

Obility2736d ago

I didn't even know RR sold at retail. Didn't see it. Maybe that's why. I bought it digital doe.

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Soap_Z2736d ago

It can be called "Remaster Bundle"

oSHINSAo2736d ago

i´ll go with the "Nostalgic Bundle"

Masterchief_thegoat2736d ago

They are alright bundle can't complain wit 1tb

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