Bethesda: 'Fallout is a better game than Oblivion'

Speaking to at a recent roundtable interview in London, Bethesda Softworks vice president Pete Hines has confidently declared that Fallout 3 is a better game than the highly praised The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Asked directly if he felt the review scores for Fallout 3 will beat those of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Hines wasn't to be drawn on Fallout 3's review scores, but did express his confidence in the game.

"I don't have any doubts that on the whole, and I think this is a belief universally shared on the team that Fallout is a better game," said Hines. "But we're also not oblivious to the fact that we have a lot of extra baggage that we're carrying, being the guys picking up this franchise, that are re-imagining this series from 10 years ago, and there's something that comes along with that. We're very well aware of what we're up against."

He added: "I have no doubts in my mind that, at its core and for everything that it provides that Fallout is a better game than Oblivion was. For sure."

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Deviant4353d ago

e3 presentation wasnt really impressive :(
still day one ...


I know the setting of Fallout 3 is post apocalistic ish but i do prefer the lovely greens and crumbling castles of Oblivion.

Really cant make my mind up to get this or not.

Footage ive seen doesnt really 'grab me' like i thought it would and i havent got that 'magical buzz' about the game at the moment that ive got for Gears2 and Red Alert3..........

NO_PUDding4353d ago

Oblivion was crap, by my logic, Fallout 3 will be too.

Morrowind was Beths last good game.

sumfood4u4352d ago

Anyways i gtg this no MMORPG makes me depressed!

ikiru33854353d ago

didn't really like oblivion, but i did like the environments. it's good to hear from bethesda that this title will surpass that.

badz1494352d ago

you really took that? this is marketing! how many times did you hear dev said their former games are better than the upcoming one?? NONE! dev will always say that their new game is better but at the end of the day, what matters are what gamers think about it! don't take the bait that easily! just wait for several reviews before you make up our mind! I'm not saying reviews are reliable but just to get a rough impression first! personally, I don't like the concept of Fallout3 but that's just me!

MK_Red4353d ago

It HAS to be or I'll burn down their offices. Seriously, Oblivion was a decent game on its own but compared to previous ones and classic RPGs, it was horrible!

Fishy Fingers4353d ago

Well Oblivion in most peoples eyes, mine included was a 9/10 game so this certainly bow's well for Fallout.

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The story is too old to be commented.