Over one million players have experienced Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Two Lost Planet demos downloaded over one million times from Xbox Live.

Capcom today announced that the single-player and multiplayer demos of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, exclusively for Xbox 360 have been downloaded over one million times by the global Xbox community. Since the release of the multiplayer demo on November 23, Xbox Live players across the globe have spent nearly 300,000 hours locked in furious combat.

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DC RID3R4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

i snuck back into lost planet online for a few sessions!!!!!!!

the game is SERIOUSLY grimey!!!!

and some of the jap/korean players.....URGH they some sharp-shooters!!!!

definately not a game to be underestimated, and i will pick it up straight away, post release NO-DOUBT. it took me a few sessions to get to grips with the gameplay(controls are slightly deeper than your average fps/3d shooter and shows great innovation from capcom), but once you gel with it, another AAA title for teh 360 to hang on it's mantle place!!!!!!

good looking capcom, you's a FOOL for this one!!!

shotty4349d ago

Those Japanese gamers in Lost Planet totally Own everybody else. I came in first once but this is one serious online game, it takes awhile to get a hand of the grapple and the weapon types but after that its really fun.

FirstknighT4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Yeah this game is intense. A definate first day buy! Lost Planet will be another big seller for the 360! Gears, Vegas, and this demo is what I'm playing right now online...I own Call of Duty 3 and I haven't even played online yet...The 360 is just overwhelming us with AAA titles!!! This will be a big seller in Japan also...slowly but surely...Microsoft is starting to make a dent in Japan!!!

power of Green 4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Yah! the Japanese are starting to take over. At times i'm the only American and rest are Japanese.

Tactics and sharp shooting and team work is the Japanese way, it's too bad the Americans are too busy raping saying racist sh*t and running off to see what cool Mech's they can find. I'M "Habren PL II".