Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale Details – 29th Sept - 5th Oct 2015

Neil writes "Looking to nab yourself a bargain this week? You could do worse than check out the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 29th Sept - 5th Oct 2015."

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Atomicjuicer3182d ago

Marvel Pinball sounds interesting - i wonder which tables you get

oKidUKo3182d ago

Ghost Rider, Thor, X-men and Moon Knight

LifeInNZ3182d ago

I hate the bs exchange rates on the XBL store. $7 (approx) for Lego Marvel Heros...yet in NZ its priced at $28. Been wanting it for my youngest for a while but not paying that price just out of principle.

KiwiViper853182d ago

ye man, it totally sucks. you can get a physical copy off trademe for under $20. worth it for that price, heaps of content for a kid, then sell it when they're done.

oKidUKo3181d ago

Mordor is the strangest one at $12 OR £22. That's a terrible conversion rate.

NoFanboyJustLovGames3181d ago

why not just make your xbox location US and pay US money.....

DJ3182d ago

Thinking about picking up an Xbox One. How strongly do you guys recommend the system? Is it noticeably better than PS4?

LifeInNZ3182d ago

If youre interested in the exclusives then "better" has little to do with it. If you're after a media hub that can control your other devices then yes, its better.

holysmokesbatman3182d ago

I'd chose an XB1 over a PS4 because I prefer the exclusives and media functionality but PS4 is good too if you like Sony's exclusives.

optimus3182d ago

I got one last month and i strongly recommend it...even though many in here will disagree. All in all it will depend on the type of games you like to play. There are a few things that one console has or does better than the other and you can message me if you want me to break it down for you because if i do it here then they will all jump on and give you reasons not to get it, just because.

MeliMel3182d ago

Its a great console. I traded my PS4 for one and I dont regret it one bit. Tho I did miss out on Until Dawn.
The only things I wish Xbox had was better install times.

If you already have a PS4, Xbox One is great companion console. Maybe wait another yr. By then there should have plenty of exclusives for you to play.

You already said PS4 is better and has better exclusives and third party games. So maybe holding off is better option for you.

Paytaa3181d ago

"Noticeably better" is subjective but I do highly recommend getting an Xbox One. I'd wait a few more weeks when the hot deals and nice bundles hit stores so you save yourself some money.

If you're already interested in getting one then go for it. Don't listen to biased media and what not. It's a great next-gen console.

bleedsoe9mm3181d ago

i admit i'm a edge case , but i use my xb1 for every multiplat that comes out my ps4 is just for exclusives, i'm willing to give up the difference (allot of the time) 900p to 1080p . for the ease and convenience of being able to switch between games and media . i will add i have a short attention span and i went all digital this gen . i absoltely love my xb1 and would get rid of my ps4 long before i would my xb1 . i would also say the xb1 controller is far superior to the ps4 and the ability to add an externalhd is a major selling point , not to mention the online service is just better .

elarcadia3181d ago

I have had an XB1 for over 2 years now and have never regretted gettting it. I absolutely love the game selection, and that just keeps getting better and better. I don't use the media functionality as much as other people, but it is nice to have. I also LOVE my Kinect, but I realize I am one of the few that does :P. I would say definitely try to get a 1TB hard drive if you can. The bigger hard drive comes in super handy!

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leahcim547d ago

I am playing the Batman Vita game, it is amazing really.