The Costs of the Future

Strategy Informer editor Stew writes:

"When it comes to the future of gaming, I am nervous. I am nervous because by the time it arrives I'm going to be older, hinged down with responsibilities that I don't have now, and pockets that will likely be nowhere near deep enough to afford the almost assuredly expensive systems that will replace those of the current generation."

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Are games really that more expensive this generation?

I dont think so - before the 360 and PS3 were released is was lauded that because of the high dev costs that the games (in the UK anyway) would be as follows:

New 360 title £55
New PS3 title £60

This generation it seems as though games have been the same price as they have for the last few generations.......

With the advent of shopping on the net really taking off and it being so competitive it really is keeping prices low.

For instance i pre-ordered Ninja Gaiden2 online.

Out of the 3 retailers i looked at - Game,Amazon and Play i found i could buy it and have it delivered (for free obviously) from one of them for £32.99

I think that next gen will be the same - expect on average new releases to be £40 it seems this is the 'sweet price' that keeps both customers and companies happy.

Mind you i wouldnt argue if they brought the prices down though.....

As regards the gaming systems guessing at £300 - £450 for the new systems on day one.

RealityCheck4352d ago

The solution to his perceived problem is already on the market today. People can buy a PS2 for $129 or a Wii for $249 and soon a 360 arcade for a similar price. That covers your lower price gaming.

On the high-end people can get a PS3 or a 360 Elite. This covers the adults with more money to spend and the crowd that caters to performance and high-end graphics.

So the solution is two-tier gaming. And it's already available today.

I expect the future of gaming to maintain those two levels. Problem solved.

Kratos Spartan4352d ago

You have pinpoint accuracy on this one. Bubbles for you.

Revvin4352d ago

It sounds like the author is about to leave the shelter of the family home or university - welcome to the real world :)

f7897904352d ago

Look at how much consoles cost right now and how long they will last before the next generation.

jinn4352d ago

unfortunately, the PS4 and 720 will range from possibly $450-$600