Another Store Inventory Listing Indicates Price Drop on Sept 7th for the Xbox 360

Another leaked store inventory screenshot found suggests there will be a pricedrop of the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU to 199USD in the United States on September 7th


Seems that this photo is a fake/staged

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LightningPS33726d ago

to get 360 back on top in the NPD's. Depending on results, PS3 will make it's move.

Darksaviour693726d ago

thats 2 different sources now, so it seems that its true.

Darksaviour693726d ago

Thats 2 different source confirming the price drop in sept, seems like its going to happen

mgirl3726d ago

Bet we don't get in it Europe...

Darksaviour693726d ago

we never do, and when we do, its never as low as the american cut. But thats life.