The Gamers Temple: 1942: Joint Strike Review

Review by Jason Nimer:

"The original Capcom arcade game, simply titled 1942, was a top down Galaga-style shooter that was built around the Pacific air battles in (duh) World War II that popped up in both Japanese and American arcades in the early-to-mid '80s. The game was a fairly basic one-plane-vs-everyone-else shooter, one that hasn't inspired much nostalgia even after a few appearances in Capcom's Classic Collection games. But, in the tradition of, well… everything these days, old is new again and the forgettable 1942 has been remade into 1942: Joint Strike, a roughly $10 downloadable game available on both Xbox Live and the PSN Network. This new version isn't painful to play, but it is seriously short, very, VERY easy and absolutely not worth the astronomically high $10 price point."

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