Motorstorm Deformable Terrain Video

Motorstorm's claim to fame is it's "Deformable Terrain." Essentially this means that the mud makes pockets and troughs when you move through it and it stays. See it close up in action in this video.

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Bhai4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

...generated, which means that the mud-meshes, shapes and mud-physics are not present on the disk but they are calculated on-the-fly by CELL using mathematical algorithms and formulae only...generating millions of polygons in real time in brand new places, all tangible, all providing new collision behaviour to interactive objects. In this way a fully stand-alone breathing world is being created and sustained through CELL where physical possibilities are fresh and instantaneous every instance, much ahead of even physics-only based games. Out-of-this-world quality textures are then placed on the newly formed meshes by RSX and lighted to unprecedent photorealism, everything so fast, so early on the PS3, Ah, what a technology !!!

This is true next-gen, as in the words of Mr. Sakaguchi(blue dragon dev): "Next generation is all about seamless interactivity". And his words really take shape on the PS3, and I bet they can only do it so on the PS3 alone !

videl4326d ago

yep, very awesome! the ps3 is very powerfull!

super bill4326d ago

you got to be jokeing the ps3 is the worse console out of the three of call that a next gen game what a joke and a waste of money.

Daz4326d ago

This game looks awesome but one thing i find odd is the mud looks all dryed up then once a car or person drives over it or lands in it like the video its wet so whats going on there.
But still i will get it.

Bhai4326d ago dried up as in real life in the sunlight while the underside is still wet !

PhantomMD4326d ago

How come the truck going by did not affect the mud?

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The story is too old to be commented.