Sonic The Hedgehog and Splatterhouse Classics Brought to Wii

Every now and then, Nintendo manages to surprise its fans with some real quality releases for the WiiWare or Virtual Console. This week, platformer fans will be very excited to hear that one of the most appreciated games of the early 90s, Sonic the Hedgehog, will make its comeback to Nitnendo's console.

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SaiyanFury4355d ago

I've been playing the Mega Drive Sonic games on my PC for years through emulators. I have no need to buy a Wii for it's virtual console. Although the original Sonic is a good addition to it's library.

player9114355d ago

You could simply play them on your 360.

SaiyanFury4355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Naw, I'll stick to my emulators. Of course, you could play them on XBL if they're available.

SaiyanFury4355d ago

LOL @ the Disagreement Phantom.