NO Metal Gear Solid 4 for The 360 says Konami

The internet was aflutter with rumours this weekend, as reports speculated that the massive PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid instalment, Guns of the Patriots was stealthing its way over to Xbox 360 - rumours that Konami has since debunked to CVG.

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DC RID3R4326d ago

even IF metal gear gets released on teh 360, snake would find himself WAY-DOWN the pecking order of games i'd be playing!!!!

snake moves like a secret agent suffering from cerible paulsy(no offence to any sufferers, but you know what i mean)!!!!!!!!

my grandads got a better framerate than snake. he's 78 fukin years old!!!!

seems like kojima's been too busy wankin with his otaku friends instead of dev'ing the ULTIMATE mgs installment!!!!

the truth of the matter is - 360 DON'T need mgs!!!!

splinter cell MORE than matches mgs toe to toe when it comes to espionage, stealth and action!!!

it's COLE baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

marionz4326d ago

true mgs aint all that great, ive never been a huge fan of stealth games, but i gotta say splinter cell was rubbish! dunno why those games keep getting good scores, specially the dodgy az 360 version! i hate splinter cell! but still love my 360! :p

Juevani4326d ago

what is wrong with u people?? 1day ago ya was jumpin 2 the rough tops when ya hurd the rumor and now ya act like it was'nt something, get ur act 2gether ya start actin more like bill gates with his boggy up his nose.. damn..

now that was sad it did'nt happen, not becus of u s*ckers but cus of my friend, he wanted 2 experience that game on his 360, guese it'll come one day...

marionz4326d ago

we admit mgs aint all that great, just like devil may cry is lame too, but thats about all ps3 fans have to crow about so it would be funny az hell if they went to 360, sony will get hell when elvian bioshock mass effect etc come out, and guess CANT have em!

unleash bass4326d ago

Yeah, the 360 don't need it but, it would have be great to have it.

Splinter cell is good but it's no MGS.

kingboy4326d ago

sorry sh*t happends ...yup!!

THAMMER14326d ago

You cannot win them all. And it should not matter so much to 360 owners we have much bigger fish to fry than MGS4.

Play games and do not hang on to rumors and lies so hard N4G members. History of this site should not be forgotten you guys should have learned from the Sony fan boy’s massacres from 2005 - 2006. If you do not bite the hook you do not get caught. If it is a rumor treat it like that.

TheMART4326d ago

More damage control by Sony and it's close partners?

I've heard this before...

Assassins Creed wouldn't come to the 360
GTA wouldn't come to the 360
Bioshock wouldn't be only on 360 but coming to the PS3 also...

Right we all know better, 360 games sell (5.2 already attach rate) and PS3 games don't (1.5 game per unit sold attach rate)

Where the money is coming from, the games will go

RBlaze4326d ago

how are you finding Gears buddy? Do you still play it? I bloody do.. Not gonna be uyin another game til Halo 3, lol