New Study Shows Consumers Prefer PS3 Blu-ray players

When surveyed as to whether customers would prefer a stand alone Blu-ray player over a Sony PS3 with same player, the majority preferred to pay less for the player and have a hi-def video game console tossed in for good measure.

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lodossrage3727d ago

People should go for the ps3. You get your blu ray AND videogame player in one shot. Plus it's cheaper than some stand alone players.

juuken3726d ago

Yep, I agree.

You get a cheaper bluray player plus high definition games. All in one package-you would have to be stupid to pass that up.

Oner3726d ago

Don't forget

1) Good economical HTPC
2) Internet Browsing capabilities
3) Linux
4) DVD Upscaler

You get the point...

TapiocaMilkTea3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Even for those who don't buy hardcore PS3 games, there's simple games on the PSN for everyone.
On top of that, now you also have a video download service.
Easy bd firmware upgrades, future proof.
The only thing that could have been better is PS2 backward compatibility, cuz that would open up a whole library of top quality bargain video games, bonus for those who got the 60/20gb version.
Nobody would buy standalones if they knew what PS3 is capable of.

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LightningPS33727d ago

Blu ray player or Blu ray player + video game system.

It's like that monkey commercial. "He seems to perfer two"

FAQS3727d ago

A:...and you forgot to say the BEST BRD player and THE BEST video-game console in the market!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3727d ago

Well... duh, what other Blu-Ray players are there?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3727d ago

Yeah seriously, isn't the PS3 the cheapest Blu Ray player? So why would anyone buy a more expensive stand alone player? So this study is just kinda... duh. It would be like saying "new study says Xbox Live is worlds biggest online gaming network" well... duh. This way they get a cheaper Blu-ray player that playes some games, and has an ok online network. Hell yeah their going to go with the PS3.

Polluted3727d ago

The story is kind of dumb. I just thought you honestly weren't aware of all the alternatives available.
You're right, though. For the price of most Blu-Ray players now, why not get one with a high def console built in? That's just common sense.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3727d ago

If I wasn't in the MS camp, thats the way I would go. I'm not big on movies anyway, prefer documentaries and regular TV, pluss I have a Cinemark megaplex one block away.

mistertwoturbo3726d ago

No, the PS3 isn't the cheapest blu-ray player out there.

That is.

The PS3 is the "Best value" blu-ray player out there. And it's a no brainer that it's also a video games console and media center all in one.

uie4rhig3726d ago

lol here in the uk, a friend bought a £600 bluray player over a PS3 player lol.. when i heard about it, i was like WTF? PS3 is the best bluray player out there why not just go for a PS3, he was like 'OMG I HATE THE PS3 SO MUCH, I WONT BUY IT EVEN THOUGH ITS BETTER THAN A STAND ALONE BLURAY PLAYER' and i was like .. 'lol ok' xD

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Solid_Dawg3727d ago

i mean they are selling a blu-ray player & video game console in one cheaper than a regular blu-ray player which can not update its profile unlike the ps3...hows that work? not that i dont like it but im just curious...

Polluted3727d ago

I imagine with any new technology companies have to spend a lot on R&D and even more on setting up manufacturing facilities. With the PS3 they already wrote off the cost of R&D around two years ago and they've got factories all set up, pumping out components faster than we could count.
All that means it's probably a lot cheaper (on paper) for Sony to manufacture PS3's than it is to make their whole line of Blu-Ray players. Plus there's a lot more potential earning power with game consoles so they don't need to mark up the price as much to turn a profit.

That might explain it..anyone else?

Fishy Fingers3727d ago

Rather obvious, cheaper than a stand alone and a million times more functional.

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