Hiphopgamer Plays Pain: Amusement Park, Motorstorm 2 and Ragdoll Kung Fu

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Hiphopgamer made several rounds at E3. Here are a few more of his gameplay videos and freestyling with the Pain developers!"

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marionz4314d ago

yawn hiphop gamer? wonder if this is surfer girl with a name change, either way if you like games you like games, you dont need to tell us if your a surfer lesbian gay or like hiphop...just stick to the topic at hand and stop trying to be so damn cool ;) im only pokeing fun really.

DFresh4314d ago

I swear Sony has the most innovative games I've ever seen this gen and the following gens.
Nothing better than 1080P visuals, great game modes, trophies, great stores, etc.
Gotta love Sony exclusives.
Microsoft and Nintendo ain't got s*** on Sony.
Sony is just gonna keep expanding, creating, and growing so much that their PS3 is gonna win this gen hands down.

I hope Little Big Planet has trophies?

Storm234314d ago

Very underrated show. Awesome.