Mega Man 9 To Include NES "Bugs"

Capcom's Hironobu Takeshita has told Gamasutra that players will have the option (literally, via the options menu) to introduce and adjust old-timey NES glitches like screen flicker.

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infinate3730d ago

They sure are making this an autuentic megaman experience

Zerodin3730d ago

Call me nuts, but it wouldn't feel quite right, if it didn't have the NES flicker. I'm kind of relieved.

Rob0g0rilla3729d ago

I'm loving this game so much. Thank you Capcom.

outlawlife3729d ago

will we have to take out the cartridge and blow in it?

pwnsause3729d ago

they'll probably make us blow on the microphone to emulate blowing on the NES cartridge.

X3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

And then you will start the game up, only to be greeted by a flickering blue screen on your TV and a blinking red light on your system.

mrperrect19763729d ago

this coming to 360 then, i thought it was wii only

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