Circuit City Deal May Make Rumored Price Drop Extra Sweet

Kotaku reports: Hey, consumers. If you have access to a Circuit City and are still in the market for an Xbox 360, note that the retailer will be giving you a $30 gift card on any console purchase the week of August 10th.

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Lifendz4314d ago

If anyone is looking to get a 360 it looks like Circuit City is the place to go.

Bubble Buddy4313d ago

Circuit City always has good deals.

thereapersson4314d ago

The last thing I bought at Best Buy was my SXRD Sony HDTV, because when I bought it it was brand new and wasn't available on Amazon for a better price. I've gone to CC for all my other purchases that I have not made online (which is where I make the majority of my investments).

foodbox4314d ago

They should have packed-in a game instead. A platinum hit would have done well.

Mr Marbles4314d ago

Why would you rather have them pick the platnum hit when you could just use the 30 dollar gift card to buy the platnum hit that YOU actually want?

Lifendz4313d ago

It's always better to let the consumer chose. Just because a game is a classic doesn't mean everyone will like it.

STARS4314d ago

Great deal, still do not want.

Masko4314d ago

good for u. life still goes on

STARS4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Yes it does good sir. Oh, and...

Lifendz4313d ago

I think it's too late in the system's lifespan to pick it up. I see the next MS console coming in the next 2 years. Still, I can see how others would opt for 360 considering the price, quanity and quality of games, etc.

GiantEnemyCrab4313d ago

Yeah Lifendz I forgot all the games self-destruct at the end of it's life.

That seems like a poor reason, the console still has an existing catalog of games and it has plenty of life left in it. You make it sound like a new console from MS is right around the corner and it is not. Don't count on the next 360 until 2011 at the earliest.

If you don't want to buy one that is your decision and I respect that.

I think this is a hell of deal and should do good for sales.

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Yemeni Xrats Killer4313d ago

who wants to buy yr dieing system with full of RROD??
and those that already owning the system will be victims of the xrats spray!!!

wooaaa haaa haaa