New 'The Last Guy' Videos, "Developer" Video/Trailer

G4TV writes: Go inside the Hindustan Electronics Co. as they "showcase" The Last Guy, top-down survival action game, exclusively available as a Playstation Network download with a release date still TBA.

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IzKyD13314320d ago

i dont get the joke, the last guy is being developed by SCE japan

pwnsause4320d ago

correction, its made by those guys with the help of SCE Japan.

cahill4320d ago

just to let you know that BANGALIS are best in Mathematics

micro_invader4320d ago

Than this game is in good hands then :)

TheWickedOne4320d ago

Just Weird. The video is weird, game is weird, those people are weird. Zombies look like bugs to me. And I hate curry and goat milk.

But I will buy the game.

cahill4320d ago

Bangalis and Indians usually make the most complex algorithms
Trust me Last Guy would be awesome

TheWickedOne4319d ago

I was just joking. I love Bangalis people. My dog is Bangalis.

avacadosnorkel4320d ago

funniest video I've seen here on N4G.

Overr8ed4319d ago

Humanity is saved from the Last Guy, No humanity is saved by me, yes I am saving Humanity, Thats Right Am I the Last Guy! the Last Guy is Me!

The Last Guy is Number One game in the World!!!

come on PSN cards i need the Last Guy!

juuken4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )


This game looks soooo odd but I bet it'll be interesting at the same time.

Yeah, I tried Gamestop Nitro as well but they didn't even know what I was talking about. O-o;

Nitrowolf24319d ago

check your gas station and stuff
i went to my gas station and found sme there. strange Gamestop is right next to it and they dont even have the cards.

Barreldragon004319d ago

The best parts were when he talked about the HD graphics when he was sitting next to that tiny 7" TV. and Using the avanced power of the PS3 to make the pictures move.

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The story is too old to be commented.