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Mattrick: 18-26 Year-Olds Spend 75 Hours a Week on Xbox 360–Really?

Endsights writes:

Call me crazy, but this has got to be either a simple slip of the tongue or the wackiness lie ever told.

In an interview with Edge Magazine, Don Mattrick was quoted as saying:

We're leading in terms of hours played – a recent study showed that 18-26-year-olds are roughly spending 75 hours a week with our box, which is pretty amazing. That audience tends to be the leader, it tends to influence younger siblings in a household in terms of what's cool and what's hot in the consumer electronics space.

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Duplicate story
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Ogrekiller4391d ago

Cue the rrod-not being able to play jokes

Genesis54391d ago

Yep they gave up working and sleeping just so they could play the 360.I don't no if that is something to be proud of.

dannyhinote_134391d ago


I don't see how it's duplicate. This is a very specific news piece that others might miss or ignore in a general "interview" piece.

Ogrekiller4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

The article was based off the actual interview, and the interview itself was quoted as a source at the article. They copied the wording and that counts as a duplicate in my opinion.
The submitter should have put it as an alternative source.

FordGTGuy4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Actually if you do the math:

7 x 24 =..........168 hours / week
168 - 75 = 93......75 hours / week of gaming
93 - 40 = 53.......40 hours / week of work
53 / 7 =..........7.6 hours / day for sleep

Take into account most people don't get 7.6 hours of sleep you have a spare 1 to 2 hours for extra stuff. I think 75 hours is a bit much for gaming and 60 hours sounds more realistic however in World of Warcraft I wouldn't be afraid to go higher then 80 hours a week.

mikeslemonade4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

My theory is since xbl is $50 the xbox owners force themselves to play more hours online to try to justify the price. A PS3 owner doesn't feel obligated to play online because it's free to begin with.

zethos564391d ago

No you're thinking of MMOs. When you have to play $180 a year to play it, that's when they play it too much.

SL1M DADDY4390d ago

Math is fun but your's is a bit flawed. You forgot about some of the simple day to day routines like eating, taking trips to the bathroom and personal hygiene. Sorry, but when I get up, it takes an hour alone to get ready and get to work. Another 30 minutes to get home after a 9 hour day and then I eat for another half hour. If you neglected your house or apartment then you would find no laundry getting done, food going bad or just plain missing, and your carpets would begin to stink. There are so many factors that make this claim of 75 hours per week on the Xbox false it is not even funny. Well, actually, it is pretty funny, cause it is so false.

Sayai jin4390d ago

@mikeslemonade- You obviously have never owned a 360 or XBL. People play it simply because its fun and the same goes for the PSN.

The article maybe a little skewed, because I know people who will leave their 360 on for hours after they are done playing, some pass out dur to being drunk (I know a few who do this every week) and others simply just leave it on.

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socomnick4391d ago

Good maybe mattrick's sons will tell him what games are cool and works. That way he can make more hardcore games and less garbage like viva pinata.

Superfragilistic4391d ago

Mate get over your male insecurities and sink some hours into Viva Pinata. It's awesome, in a crack kinda a way...

morganfell4391d ago

Now the lies are just getting stupid. It isn't like he ever had any credibility anyway.

And by 'play' does he mean actually powering the unit on or standing it upright and using the RROD as the EYE of Sauron in a toy soldier recreation of Helms Deep?

FordGTGuy4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Mine hasn't had any problems for a long time.

morganfell4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Have you ever made a remark about Sony? Have you? Have 360s stopped with the RROD crap? No? Then I can't either. MS still owes me and millions of other people money on top of that so no, there will be no stopping.

It will happen as has been fortold:

And to mark the occasion:

By the way, reference this comment by you:

"send your Xbox 360 in for free to get replaced for free get the new own with new hardware and go back to enjoying your games."

That sounds nice and all but MS only reimbursed me for 1 of the 3 months I lost in down time and the DRM tool failed to restore roughly $80 of items. On top of that a few of the items that were restored a year later are worthless as no one plays those titles anymore. Add to that 3 Xbox 360s that were returned to me, none were new, all were refurbs and the second one was RROD the minute I took it out of the box.

The fact of my original statement is that Mattrick is so desperate he has given up trying to construct lies that have even a shred of accuracy or believability. Which means he is either a poor liar or thinks the people to whom he is lying are too idiotic to notice.

WIIIS14391d ago

Here have a tissue, whiner. You're crying buckets because you know 360 is still the best gaming console out there that you're not playing because of your own deluded sense of self-righteousness. I had a problem with my 360 too, but that didn't automatically make my PS3 the best gaming console.

StephanieBBB4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

And people say that if they pay money for something they get better services. Keep diluting yourself folks...

morganfell4391d ago

Mine either. What made my PS3 the best console was the fact IT IS THE BEST CONSOLE. Sorry worm, you = fail.

4391d ago
SuperM4391d ago

Dude, whats wrong with you? The dude has had several RRODs... If you bought a camera and it failed on you, and every time you got a new it ended up failing on you, would you then like the product? My guess is you would hate it. Because obviously it had a serious issue and should never be on the market because of a way to high failure rate. The xbox has a 33% failure rate... i would never call an item with that failure rate, good hardware.

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Lou-Cipher4391d ago

Im sure there are many people that play on average 75 hours a week, but to say

"a recent study showed that 18-26-year-olds are roughly spending 75 hours a week with our box" Is complete nonsence, and shows how bad his math really is.

Superfragilistic4391d ago

Did anybody consider he said 7.5 and Edge forgot the decimal? lol

zslash4391d ago

That's most likely what happened :P

Ogrekiller4391d ago

but it's prob the most reasonable explanation, besides the hypothetical situation that they use 50 hr days at MS

morganfell4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Did anyone consider that it wasn't a decimal that was missing and instead the fact is that Mattrick is just a liar. Occam's razor effectively demonstrated. After all he has shown himself in the past to be a corporate shill of the highest magnitude willing to say anything regardless of the affront to common sense.

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DarkSniper4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

75 hours a week going under the hood of the 360 to find the source of it's hardware issues is a lot of time. That time could be better spent on things like being a car mechanic. It just goes to show that each and every Microslave's lives revolve around Xbox 360.

Dark Sniper is a ladies man. So therefore he doesnt have 75 hours per week to press a controller, especially an Xbox controller. However, ladies do see his PLAYSTATION®3 and they're immediately immersed in the beautiful exterior that it shows. Then Dark Sniper proceeds to show off it's critically acclaimed features and the said woman realizes that when you deal with Dark Sniper and PLAYSTATION®3 combined, you're living in the future.

Face it Microslaves, you're system has kicked the bucket. The life cycle of Xbox 360 is done and there's no recovery. Games such as Flop Human, Ninja Gayden 2 and Queers of Bore 2 are all guaranteed retail disasters.

When experiencing PLAYSTATION®3, you feel as if you're living like the Jetsons. Xbox 360 makes you feel like you're living in the stone age with the Flinstones.


bpac1234567894391d ago

come on man, lets not stoop to there level. imo, the ps3 is the best system for many reasons but there's no need to bash the other system.

(unless they attack first)lol