Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda Talks About Xbox One Holiday Exclusives, Scalebound, Japan and More

Yesterday Microsoft held a Xbox One fanfest in Tokyo, and the event was quite successful, with a rather packed venue of Japanese gamers trying out part of the upcoming line-up.

On the show floor DualShockers took the chance to get a few comments from Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda.

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Foehammer1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Good to see they are having a great reception.

Also glad to hear that there will be "hundreds and hundreds" of Backwards Compatibility games.

The Holiday games are all rolling in and have either been reviewed or previewed very positively.

Abriael1118d ago

I just want the JRPG that came out at the beginning of the Xbox One life Cycle. Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey...

Abriael1118d ago

Of course I meant Xbox 360, not Xbox One >_>

Hoffmann1118d ago

Just get a PS4 and you get a big selection of JRPG's

Septic1118d ago

Great work abriael. You're really pulling off some wicked stuff these days. Well done.

Abriael1117d ago

@Septic: thanks. I'm not even done :D Got more interviews in the camera, and then all the previews. Unfortunately being a one-man team in Japan means that the content is rolling out slower than what I'd like :(

Abriael1117d ago

@Hoffmann: I've had a PS4 since day one. I do get a big selection of JRPG, but I don't get *those,* which I didn't manage to finish, and my Xbox 360 is busted.

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freshslicepizza1117d ago

not a fan of kudo, he spends too much time acting like nobody can touch what microsoft is doing. he needs to humble himself a bit and act more sincere.

Lennoxb631117d ago

Every big company in the world feels as if they have the best products in the world. What other way are they supposed to feel?

raggy-rocket1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Before I start, I really hate making stupid lists like some people do so I thought i'd go a bit more in depth cus I'm so hyped about Xbox games right now.

Great exclusives this holiday. Glad they're spreading them all throughout next year cus I know the spacing of the game releases bothered a lot of people this year. Having a game like quantum break in April is great. I also expect inside and cuphead to be early year. Scalebound and halo wars 2, along with gears of war 4, Q4/Q3. Then we have recore, Crackdown 3, presumably another Forza and Sea of thieves (so hyped for that) early year-Q3 year. I think that's a great lineup.

That's 10 'exclusives'. I estimate 5 of those will be full exclusives, with inside being timed and Forza(?), Sea of thieves halo wars and cuphead being 'console exlusives'. Interpret that as exclusive or not as you will.

Out of those 10, 6 are new IPs (or 3 of the 5 full exclusives)
On top of all the third party games next year, that's gonna be insane.

And to top it off, we have Gears, Rare replay, Halo 5, Tomb raider(not rly exclusive), Forza 6, Fable (apparently) and the likes of fallout 4 and battlefront to top this year off

God that's gonna cost so much, but it really shows they're improving the spacing of their games and focusing on new IPs like the original Xbox did. I wouldn't be surprised if they're releasing some new IPs on PC to see if they work only to make the sequels fully exclusive if the game does well

Sorry for going on, game on!

KiwiViper851118d ago

Thats a whole lot of level headed, unbiased facts right there. No one can doubt that's an amazing line up, this year and into the next, and hopefully a pattern for Microsoft moving forward into the future.

Vasto1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

How about Xbox Fan Fest in the US?

343_Guilty_Spark1117d ago

The focus on Japan doesn't make sense. The need a larger Europe push.