Bad Company - Was $200,388.00 for used copied

Well apparently the the people at Gamestop made one pretty big error on the previous price of a used 360 version of Bad Company. According to them, a used copy of the game was worth $200,388.00. However they changed the price to $54.99 with a total savings of $200,333.01

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El_Colombiano4316d ago

Yeah right, knowing Gamestop they did this purposely!

Delta_FX4316d ago

Why was this approved? It isn't even news.

bpac1234567894315d ago

yeah but its still interesting and relates to gaming.
There's a lack of exciting gaming news right now so its not bad putting something interesting on this website as long as it relates to gaming.

saf1007924316d ago

noone bought it, y was this approved


the online play of this game is worth millions,it smokes almost a quater of a million sounds right.ONLINE INSANITY!!!!

Alpha_Gamer4316d ago

so a store`s computer messed up...News? no.

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The story is too old to be commented.