Factor 5 officially developing Kid Icarus for Wii?

For months now, there have been rumors bumbling about that Factor 5 is currently developing Kid Icarus for Wii. There have been a bunch of unconfirmed reports, but nothing official. A recent tidbit in the the latest IGN Nintendo Voicechat podcast, however, seems to confirm that the company is could be truly developing the the title.

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Overr8ed4311d ago

Lair wasnt that bad... (keyword That)
Factor 5 knows how to make games, they had 2 good ones with the N64.

pwnsause4311d ago

Factor 5's only mistake was lair man. just becuase they had one bad game doesnt mean that their reputation is ruined.

Zerodin4311d ago

Factor 5 gave Nintendo one of THE finest Star Wars game series of all time!
Rouge Squadron
Rouge Leader
Rebel Strike

jtucker784311d ago

That is true, but don't forget that every Star Wars game that Factor 5 released got gradually worse than the one before it.
The original Rogue squadron was the best, then Rogue Leader, but then coming to Rebel Strike on GC.
There were bits where you played in 3rd person and they were really poor. The flight aspects of the game were OK. Running and gunning was bad.

And then that brings us to Lair. The less we say about that game the better.
So basically every game that Factor 5 has brought out has been worse than the one before it.

But I guess Rebel Strike was a while ago and Factor 5 must know the Gamecube's architecture really well by now so Kid Icarus might be good. I never rule anyone out.
I'm willing to give Factor 5 a chance, but the game won't factor (excuse the pun) high on my radar though. I'll wait for previews before I give it much attention.

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Intrepid4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

This game needs to be made... honestly.

ptmidos4311d ago

The wii needs this game.

Jerkapotamus4311d ago

Has been confirming this for nearly 6 months on their podcast.

Mcrmarcher4311d ago

The original game was before my time, i started with the snes and sega mega, i have heard of this game before but never played it, is it a rpg by chance? if not please forgive my ignorance. This game looks interesting.

jtucker784311d ago

It was a shooter, a little bit like metroid. Loads of power-ups, stuff like that.
Was a good game.

N4g_null4310d ago

It was a vertical platformer where it had level in between that where labyrinths. You had to escape each one and that usually ment getting past various bosses and the egg plant wizard which turns you into an egg plant with legs. If you got far enough you got to see the last part of the game which was a crazy shooter. In the end you fought the last boss which was medusa I believe. I only beat it once and it truly was a gaming test. I don't know many people that have beat it or people that still can beat the game. It's up there with beating battle toads though. Yet battle toads was way harder. No password system either.

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The story is too old to be commented.