Wii Music is the Last of Miyamoto's Initial Proposed Ideas for Wii Software

In an WSJ interview, famed Mario and Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, disclosed that Wii Music is in fact the last of his initial ideas for Wii software. In other words, of the ideas that he had for the console when he first started thinking of software ideas for Wii, Wii Music is the last one he originally proposed oh so many years ago.

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Overr8ed3816d ago

Wheres is Wii Kong Foo or Wii want to be like Miyamoto. Or Wii SxE

pcz3816d ago

maybe now he can get back to working on some real games

Zerodin3815d ago

He's richer then you're ever gonna be.

jinn3815d ago

there r many other devices these days to listen to music