GameSpot: PixelJunk Eden Review

Despite its faults, PixelJunk Eden is a game worth playing. The striking visuals, distinct score, and surreal maneuverability make this an engaging ride. It's a shame the serenity was shattered by an all too demanding clock, but when you're not overwhelmed, it remains one of the most unique platforming experiences in recent memory.

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Hershy9993819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I agree the coop is flawed but I don't think those 3 bads are reason enough to give this game a 7. They said PJE has "striking visuals, distinct score, and surreal maneuverability" and is "one of the most unique platforming experiences in recent memory.", yet it got a 7?

sonarus3819d ago

gamespot gave ratchet a 7 for too much variety. Good luck understanding their review system

Meus Renaissance3819d ago

Gamespot reviews shouldn't be allowed here anyway - who knows which publishers bought them out or not

Cinos1233819d ago

"Demanding clock".... playing the same game I've been playing?

Sk8boyP3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Gamespot = FAIL

This game offers one of the most enjoyable platforming experiences ever created, Gamespot is biased for giving amazing PS3 games low scores, remember the games that got .1 less than the 360 version? Oblivion was one of them, even when they improved textures and loading for PS3. Please stop posting Gayspots reviews, it'll be better to keep their biased opinions out of the mix.

Exia3819d ago

They have the most lame reasons to bring this game down to a 7.0.