The Genius of Ninja Gaiden II

To start with, Ninja Gaiden II is quite possibly the most impressive game ever created if you only play/see it for 2 minutes. Without even trying, heads start flying all over the joint and elaborate finishing moves are conducted without even knowing that you actually did anything. In short, Ninja Gaiden II succeeds where the first games fails. It makes you feel like a badass ninja right from the outset, rather than viciously punishing you for the first 5 hours.

A long held adage in game design preaches that a game's controls should be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Ninja Gaiden II could be the poster-child for this saying. This is a fantastic quality of NGII's design.

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VampHuntD4322d ago

And I liked NG1 way better. NG2 became all about gore and less about actual play. Not that the play is bad, it's great, excpet when you are bashing the heck out of an enemy and somehow they grab you while staggering backwards and take off half your life in a single blow on normal mode. I'm all for hard games, but this one seemed pointlessly hard, like they are trying to force you into using items and such (which I try not to do thanks to DMC1 and the penalty imposed for using items).

Great game, but it has some problems for sure.

Bladeslayer4322d ago

its a good game but not as good as the first I'm playing it on mentor mode now and the game has gotten so cheap i gave up and its really harder now since the item usage in mentor mode gives you less life.The first ninja Gaiden's story was really good this ones story just seems rushed to me like a lot of thought was taken out of its like i said the weapons and goriness is cool but team ninja could've done a lot better if it wasn't so cheap with the out of nowhere throwing and cheapness it would be worthy of a 9.0 instead of a 7.8

HighDefinition4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Ninja Gaiden is good, but c`mon.

That`s just plain stupid.

darkside4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

"Metal Gear Solid 4 is quite possibly the most impressive game ever created if you only play/see it for 2 minutes"

play beyond!! XD

Sitdown4322d ago

Hahaha...I do not know if you were complimenting MGS 4 or picking about the cut scenes.

nemey4322d ago

is great game...
normal mode = normal
mentor path = very very hard
MASTER NINJA = itgaki is insane with this mode omg i beat this after
3 weeks (it was a nigthmare i almost break the controler 2 time )
if u can get past stage 1 & 2 then the rest is ....
i dare any1 to play with master ninja >_<
btw i got 60\60 Achievements >)

Skadoosh4322d ago

Beating the game in Master Ninja is one of the most difficult challenges in gaming history. Remember their were only like 5 people that beat the first NG on the hardest difficulty. I love these kind of challenging games. For me NG2 was a huge step up from part one.

nemey4322d ago

Master Ninja mode only for Hardcore
but i didnt think for a sec this will be super hard
i played the game with 4 friends just to cheer me up
i almost give up more then 10 times.
to any1 say dmc is great im fan of this kind games but
NG2 is more harder then dmc
Master ninja >>> hell or hell

n4gzz4321d ago

While I only played Sigma PS3 version, I like NG2 as well if not better. I don't understand what all low score fuss about. Camera does come in your way sometime but Its nothing what media was bashing about. Overall, I still have to beat the game but I am enjoying it so far.

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ape0074322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

ng 1 was a bit better IMO

2 have some gory battles and more blood but the first one was overall more hardcore,more challenging

advice for anyone who hasn't played ng

get both sigma and 2

you'll never forget these nights

GameOn4322d ago

I played through ninja gaiden the week prior to NGII and I agree the first is slightly better.

The first one was better due to the story and how all the areas were linked together, better bosses too I think. They also cut out alot of the plat-forming in NGII which sucked, I mean LADDERS, ninjas dont need ladders.

The combat in NGII is far superior to the firt though. It's jaw droppingly cool. oh and the hordes of enemies was cool too.

IMHO it was a flawed masterpiece and I hope the series somehow lives on.

italianbreadman4321d ago

I agree that the first game was far more challenging than the second, and for its time, was the better game.

Now, though, I can't say that the level design of the first outshines the wonderful combat mechanics of the second.

I don't care about blood--it's just...there

clintos594322d ago

Packed with fast gameplay action u wont find in another action game. The downside though was how could u not create a decent story atleast to go with such an awesome game? That is the only area I find that is weak about this series. Other then that its the best action game out there despite the bad reviews. Team Ninja should take notes from God of War and create an epic story to go with the epic gameplay in the Ninja Gaiden series.

littletad4322d ago

Just that the game had a flaw... repetitiveness. It was much more of the same, and even looked the same. If you can see past that, then it's an awesome game for the action fan.

Zerodin4322d ago

But I watched a friend of mine play the second one. Looked pretty cool...VERY bloody! Like comically excessively bloody!

Shaka2K64322d ago

540p @ 20fps LMAO mighty 3$hitty power.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4322d ago

What is the rez of Haze and the PS3 version of GTAIV again? http://www.simplygaming.inf... How did that feel? Was it a stinging, throbbing, or bone breaking feeling when I just pwned you? BTW just to rub more in, Ninja Gaiden 2 is approaching 800,000 copies sold and looks to reach almost 2mill this holiday season. That sure was a failure wasn't it?

zo6_lover274322d ago

This are from your article

Oblivion (360): 1024×600 (PS3 version is full 720p)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4322d ago

Uh... I kinda know that dumbass, I posted it. I know what is what, the dumbsh!t above me don't, or just likes to lie. I like pwning people who think their sh!t don't stink, now stand next to your buddy up there so I can take a picture.... SAY CHEEZE!.... SNAP!

If you like I have a much bigger/newer list I can post.

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