Left 4 Dead not coming to PS3 after all?

A rumour published in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine stating that zombie-laden shooter Left 4 Dead is being ported to the PS3 has been brutally beheaded by Valve's Doug Lombardi today.

When cornered by IGN, Lombardi stated:

"There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead currently in production."

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sonarus4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

lol i remember when there was some random ps3 code or something in pc version of bioshock and 2k said no ps3 version in production. Really can't trust devs these days anyway.

L4dead could be a great game but it looks lame to me personally. The coop stuff could be fun but shooting zombie wave after zombie wave could get old. Plus the game seems really really light on the story which already makes it you and a bunch of friends fighting an endless wave of bots.

Overr8ed4316d ago

Same Thing that i see. It looks somewhat fun but i will get annoying after the first week.

VampHuntD4316d ago

To a point. Zombie Killing with friends also sounds fun to me. Wave after wave sounds even better. Subtract friends from that and it sounds like crap.

Rob0g0rilla4316d ago

You can't trust what these guys say.

MikeGdaGod4316d ago

hmmmm......sounds familiar.....

zethos564315d ago


You won't be fighting endless waves. The games AI director sets it up so that the game's zombies appear randomly, are timed correctly so that the tension builds, and attack according to a players skill. If you watch the walkthroughs you'll see that the game is also very hard and surprising. The guy going through it died in both vids (part 1 and 3 I think) and was surprised by some of the encounters.

Bangladesh4315d ago

I get an "Oh Sh*t!" moment from just watching some of the vids.

jtucker784315d ago

It's a shame, as I would have liked this game for the PS3.
Oh well.
I'll still be interested to see how this game progresses.

Bangladesh4315d ago

I wouldn't sweat it jtucker, if sony decides they want Left 4 Dead on ps3 I don't see why they couldn't get it. If MS didn't buy the Bioshock IP, I would be suprised to find out they bought L4D. Of course if it's not currently in production, it would probably atleast be a year before it released on ps3. Or you could just pick up a 360, if these price cut rumors prove to be true, the 360 should have a fairly accessible price by the time L4D launches.

Tarasque4315d ago

It is one thing from a site to print BS, but it is another for a mag to do it. It is a Valve game it will not come to the ps3 they have said this numerous time's. And it is funny how tune's change once it is not coming to someone's fav console. Just another shooter anyway or it look's way to easy anyway.....blah....blah.

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Overr8ed4316d ago

exactly. Their is a high probability that LD4 is PS3 Bound.

ElementX4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Publishing doesn't mean sh!t, unless it's first party. It's published by Valve/EA. Just because something is published by EA doesn't mean it's coming out for PS3. That's like Random House telling their authors to write a screen play when they only write short stories.

@ below:
But then Valve would have to make a deal with EA, as they did with Orange Box. EA would have to purchase development rights to L4D and I'm not sure that Valve would be willing to do that after they butchered Orange Box. I'm just saying that because a game has publisher X, it doesn't mean it's coming out for system Y and Z

VampHuntD4316d ago

The point he's making is EA ports everything to everywhere. Not that a publisher does that. It's just EA practice.

GiantEnemyCrab4316d ago

"You know that feeling you get after you take a huge dump.... awesome!" - Eric Cartman

Overr8ed4316d ago

Randomly funny momment... ahaha

SonySoldierEternaL4315d ago

finally admits defeat!



I swear people think we care about every games that come out . just give me the ps3 exclusives baby . ps3 owners just wants there ps3 exclusives games that why we bought it .left for dead will be surely be left for dead by me .

jtucker784315d ago

Why are you only interested in Exclusives?

A good game is a good game. The more of us that can enjoy good games the better I say.


The truth is ps3 owners buy there ps3 for exclusive games . Third parties is like icing on the cake . All ps3 owners welcomes third parties but if you want to not make a game or not make a game for the ps3 . Were just simply saying who cares .....There are so many exclusive on the ps3 that I can fire up my ps3 with . its all am saying

tomfoolery4315d ago

PS3tard motherfvckers!


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VampHuntD4316d ago

This is a careful PR statement for "we're starting production on the PS3 version next week, so yes there is no PS3 version currently in production".

Yeah I think we'll see a port, here's to hoping it doesn't get the Orange Box treatment!

power of Green 4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Wouldn't make any sense to say anything other than what he did either way.

He can't say: No! this game is never coming to PS3 nor can he say PS3 is getting it when it's not in developement, it's simply not being development for PS3 as the rumor suggests.

vickers5004315d ago


Uhh, yeah they can, plenty of devs do it.

AznSniper4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

EA probably doesn't tell Valve anything so EA still could be porting it to the PS3 as we speak.

Edit: I see.

ElementX4316d ago

Publishers don't have development rights. Valve would have to know if EA were using their IP, for legal reasons