Game Revolution: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Review

Game Revolution writes: "Chocobo's Dungeon tells the tale of an ambitious young treasure-hunter named Cid and his chocobo-one of those bird-like sidekick thingies shot from the Final Fantasy canon. Cid and his faithful chocobo-here imaginatively named 'Chocobo'-begin the game literally spit up into the long-lost realm of 'Memoria', and specifically, the creepily-quaint (and equally subtly-named) township of 'Lostime'. It's a strange place where Lostime's inhabitants continually lose their (presumably painful) memories every time the Bell of Oblivion clangs ominously from the town's clock tower."

+ Challenging roguelike play
+ Oddball story elements
+ Total couch-potato control
+ Lots of details, depth, and distractions
+/- Way harsher than it looks
- Uninspired mini-games, except Pop-Up Duels
- Ear-bleedingly heinous voice-acting
- And no Japanese option to dodge it

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