Trophies Cause Uncharted Love Fest


"The first PS3 disc-based game to support trophies is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, surprising us all today with an earlier than expected 1.10 patch. The trophy support has seen a rise of interest in one of 2007's best games, causing many a PS3 owner to boot up the game and begin trophy hunting."

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Silly Poor Xbots4314d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, when gamers get their rrod, aint no love fest about to happen.

Poor Xbots

Twizlex4314d ago

What an intelligent and thought-provoking comment.

GiantEnemyCrab4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Yes, poor xbots who get to play better games, better online service and have a real achievement system besides a rip-off ghetto thang you like to call Entitlements or errr Trophies.

Poor little xbots!

Enjoy your YLOD! Beep beep beep beep! Or maybe some nice DRE errors ala PS2!

Xheratuul4314d ago

^^a really very poor xbot indeed

Silly Poor Xbots4314d ago

Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs

Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs, yeah, most of those games M$ bribed for. Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs, yeah, the only machine that forces you to pay to play online with lag. Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs, yeah, M$ copied right back making their medals 3d. Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs, you FAIL.

Poor Xbot GiantEnemyCrabs

pwnsause4314d ago

YLOD? whats that? never heard of it. But I did heard of RROD %30 RROD> %-1 YLOD Poor Xbot.

cr33ping_death4314d ago

YLOD = beep beep beep and thats no where compared to the 30% RROD around the world

RROD = just plain [email protected] up piece of equipment, no sound no video just red lights to ease the pain.

juuken4314d ago

Apparently Crab is having another meltdown guys. Don't piss him off man...he'll bite your wee-wees off! He has claws and he's not afraid to use em'!

pwnsause4314d ago

We can attack his weakpoint for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!

GiantEnemyCrab4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

That was my brother Ted and that video brings back some serious bad memories.

Way to be insensitive man.

EDIT: Wow, just noticed my 28 disagrees on my first comment. PS3 fangirls can sure dish it out but they can't take it.

PoorDroids4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Jewkin's maturity level is astounding!

morganfell4314d ago

Ha ha ha, crab is attacking the PS2. A console that is still kicking the 360 around. Yeah that is a console with which the 360 can compete...maybe.

Where's the Xbox smart guy? What a maroon.

juuken4314d ago

Hello n00b, using another account? I smelled you a mile away with that account. You wanna talk about someone being immature when you're creating multiple accounts.

How mature you must be, lol.

syanara4314d ago

I read yoru comment and you know what it says to me. it says u like the 360 more. why does that matter to any of us? it doesn't why should ps3 fanboys even reply to it they shouldn't bascially this whole reply section to the first comment here is pointless.

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Sandwich Bender4314d ago

Bring on the era of trophy whores!

morganfell4314d ago


It doesn't take trophies and never did take trophies to have an Uncharted love fest. It's the game dummies, the game.

Montrealien4314d ago

I have to be honest, trophies made me boot it up, never actually finished it, now I will, amazing game.

Nostradavis4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )


Don't be such a narrow minded tool. At no point does the writer say the game is not a good game, but as games age the fact of the matter is that people play them less and move on to other games. That is not an insult directed at the game, so unbunch your Uncharted Drake underoos and relax.

This is no different than Gears of War achievements unlocking bonuses in Gears 2. It is incentive for people to go back and play Gears that maybe didn't fully explore it before. Grow up.

Twizlex4314d ago

Way to miss the point, morganfell. A bunch of people have been booting up the game recently because of the patch, just like what happens for most games after a patch, especially one that adds to the game this much.

jmalc4314d ago

I bought the game on eBay a week ago for $30 (mint), anticipating a price bump from the trophies. Today, many used copies are going for $40-$45 before shipping.

[email protected]4314d ago

Oh, man this so sweet!. Now to end up Resident Evil 4 (Ada chapters more faster) I want those trophies lol.

techie4314d ago

Herbert tholdpervert lol is full of sh*t.

rockleex4314d ago

Trophy whores and people who want to replay the game because of some added value.

Trophy whores will suffer through horrible games to get as many trophies as they can.

While the rest of us will use Trophies as an excuse/incentive to go back and enjoy the great games we've played.

psman0124314d ago

I like trophies too, but I'm definitely no trophy whore.

na2ru14314d ago

tbh i completed the game once. I started my second playthrough on hard mode few weeks ago. I immediately stopped after learning Trophy patch will be released in Auguest

I love Uncharted BTW. The constant flow, gameplay, characters, foes, animation, humour, horror, music, its all there and its great.

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Esena4314d ago

yea has anyone heard any news regrading this?

mfwahwah4314d ago

I need Konami / Kojima Productions to announce SOMETHING about this, I'm going to do my Chicken run next, and I really don't want to redo it later to get the trophy. For those that don't know the req's:

* >500 kills
* >250 alerts
* >35 hours playtime
* >50 healing items used
* >50 continues

It's really hard to suck this badly >.<

rockleex4314d ago

I haven't heard of any news "regrading" MGS4.

Why would they want to regrade MGS4 anyways? =P

Unless the addition of Trophies invoke regrading of MGS4 reviews. O_o

will5624314d ago

shut up xbot we got better games and trophies beat achievements in every way
Go have fun with your RROD
While we have a great time with the future console

GiantEnemyCrab4314d ago


Keep saying that to yourself and click your heals together 3 times and maybe it will become true fishhead.

You got weak games, ghetto achievement ripoffs and your console will YLOD.

PS3 = Men who dress like women (ala Juuken)
360 = Men who know good games and a better online service
Wii = Babies and pedophiles

syanara4314d ago

LMAO thats good espuically cause its all true you see these xbox fanboys think because they have more good games that their system is better unforunetly it also brings a bunch of immature kids to their console as well online u see if theres a game that involves a sh!t-load of killing then kids who shouldn't be getting the game in the first place end up getting it and do waht they love to do on the internet BE imature kids that nobody can talk to and its become an insult fest xbox live has gotten so bad that its not even worth getting live anymore and that means its not even worth having an xbox anymore thats why all the 360 gamers who go to ps3 are people who A get RROD or B pissed at live. now there are xbox fanboys who will deny that saying "oh live is fine there aren't that many kids" or "theres no immature kids on at night" which is bullsh!t because Ive been on Xbox Live before and there always there in almost every halo or gears server there is. u always see xbox fanboys denying this and I don't care if they do anymore that just shows that they would rather be a fanboy than a gamer.

Bits-N-Kibbles4314d ago

Maybe should have bought it instead of UT3... o well, i have Super Star Dust HD and just got Eden... so that should keep me entertained (PS. Eden is amazing for those that want a beautiful, fun, relaxing and addicting game)

Wish I had more time to play

Trophies: GO!

Panthers4314d ago

Uncharted has been my best experience on the PS3 thus far, although I am starting to fall in love with Warhawk and of course MGS4 was great.

Still, Uncharted tops them all. You should def get it.

cmrbe4314d ago

a serious FPS fans to buy Unreal 3 over Uncharted. Uncharted is my second fave PS3 game. You can't go wrong with that game. Especially if you are an action/adventure fan.

mfwahwah4314d ago

Only game better than Uncharted on PS3 right now is MGS4, and if your not a MGS fan, then it's the best!

solidt124314d ago

Uncharted was the best game on the PS3 last year and is still the best graphics you can find on any console. If you have a PS3 and didn't buy it last year you have missed out on a true gem. it is not too late, go buy it now.

RebelExtrm024314d ago

I feel your pain. I actually bought UTIII when it first came out because I had money in my pocket and wanted to spend it on my new ps3 and it seemed like a good idea. Yea..... :/

I mean the modding was cool and all, but after a while, the whole "run of the mill fps" feel gets tiresome.

Shankle4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Uncharted is 3rd behind Call of Duty 4. And solidt, MGS4 definitely has better graphics.

na2ru14314d ago

AND Uncharted. Uncharted teabogs UT3.

UT3 is just some sort of application that lets you roam around with Mastercheif in legoland. Its run n gun

Adamalicious4314d ago

Quick! Go trade in UT3 and get Uncharted - it's waay awesomer.

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