Phoenix Games reviews Critter Crunch for the iPhone

Like Bear Grylls from Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild, this guy can gobble down some large bugs and eat some of the sickest things. Developed by Capybara Games, Critter Crunch is a puzzler with a crunchy twist and now comes to the iPhone thanks to Publisher X. Unlike most puzzlers, Critter Crunch uses a unique "food-chain" system were you feed small bugs to larger ones causing them to pop releasing jewels.

You play this game as Biggs, a weird little guy with a long, sticky tongue that he uses to snatch bug-like creature hanging from the vines above. Use that long tongue to catch small bugs and spit them at larger bugs, feeding them a tasty regurgitated snack When full, the bug pops releasing jewels that you gobble up. You can set up food chaines, unique to Critter Crunch, were a small bug is feed to a larger bug which in turn gets feed to an even larger one causing even larger scores. Line up like bugs by color and size, pop one and make the rest burst. If you don't eat them fast enough, they will swarm around you like a bunch of killer bees and feast upon Biggs' squishy goodness.

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