The Full Rock Revolution Setlist

Kotaku reports: A tipster who chooses to remain anonymous forwarded Kotaku an official Konami product availability email this morning, which came complete with an XLS file with the full track listing for their upcoming stab at the band-based rhythm genre, Rock Revolution.

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Solid_Snake6664311d ago

those all better be masters because RB and GH are both all master soundtracks

Will_Smith4311d ago

seeing as ALL the songs are covers its a No-Buy for me... another good reason is that Konami has not stated if their "instruments" are compatible with Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour, a huge factor.

Deathbringer4311d ago

wow thats three rythim games its goin to be tough choosing one

thekingofMA4311d ago

my opinion: buy rock band 2 or guitar hero 4, whichever you prefer.

then just buy the other game's disc only.

it has been confirmed that the games will have compatible instruments:

while that article only mention 360 compatibility, i would assume it would be the same on all versions.

another good idea would be to borrow the original rock band from a friend and put it into your console-then when you play rock band 2 you can export all of the 58 songs and play them in the sequel for about 5 dollars (again, i've only heard this when talking about the 360 version)

i'm just gonna screw rock revolution: i know konami invented the rhythm genre but the game looks terrible and the songs are pretty mediocre, plus they're all covers!

DreamcastFanboy4311d ago

Sucks they are covers alot of them are songs i would love to have.

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