Phoenix Games reviews Unreal Tournament III for XBOX 360

"I got into the business of gaming journalism because I believe games are the most influential new storytelling medium of my generation (that's Generation X if you need to know). But I also got into it because I love a great game.

I'm here to tell you that Unreal Tournament III is a great game."

Fans of the series already know this (since it came out first on the PS3 and PC) and they know what they're getting into. However, as Phoenix Games hunkered down with their XBOX 360 review copy, they didn't know what they were getting into.

The main character looks like Dom's brother ("Gears of War") and the opening "story" was a little light on details. The player gets dropped into the first mission of the campaign. It's not really a campaign as much as it is a series of training missions to familiarize you with the real meat of the game - the online mode. Everyone knows this game is the reigning king of online frag fests. We'll get to that later.

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Bombibomb4316d ago

Yeah it is... for like 10 minutes. Even with all the mod support I got bored.