Beware of Xbox Live Phishing Scam

Friendly warning, folks: There's a new Xbox Live phishing scam making its way across Microsoft's service. The scam comes in the form of a message (shown below) that appears to be from someone on your friends list, which reads "M2AF everybody go to I just got 1600 MS points Hurry though!! I think it is a limited time offer."

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FantasyStar4311d ago

Cause only idiots with no sense of value would fall for such things. Things cost money, someone pays for it. Nothing is free in this world. Use discretion, and you'll be fine.

outlawlife4311d ago

you have to quite foolish to fall for this, it is lame and actually pretty low brow for a scam

lol at the .tk web address for a legit site? if people fall for this they deserve it

jinn4310d ago

microsoft needs to increase their security and initiate strict policies