The new consoles have begun

So it has begun. Word has been heard that both Nintendo and Sony are working on their next Gen systems, but no word has been shed as to what exactly they are going to be like. It really is early days yet, as this generation is still at its first stages but I guess they have to think in advance ay.

We can only imagine what these consoles would be like. Will virtual gaming become a possibility in the next generation. Will the motion controllers be taken a leap further with motion suits?

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dktxx24324d ago

I think The next PlayStation will be very similar to the ps3. It will have some variation on the cell processor (like dual), blu-ray, and probably some more xdr ram. The next Wii will be HD and will be cheap. The next Xbox is a total toss up.

La Chance4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I think after the next gen , they will have to work in another direction rather than just better graphics.Were already at a point where the graphics are almost photorealistic (well, kind of photorealistic).

I dont know what they can add to gaming to make it an even better experience but I think those virtual reality 3d "helmets" (I forgot the name)have potentiel and have to be exploited commercially.... one day

Mr_cheese4324d ago

Personally i think virtual reality is a great path to open up

QuackPot4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

The Ps4 only needs only to be an "improved" or "evolved" Ps3 with more RAM, better GPU, and two or more cheap-as Cell CPUs. This would mean a more powerful, relatively inexpensive release console that developers should quickly be able to adapt to. There's no need to do major research.

Revolutionary consoles - expensive new technology - should now be a thing of the past.

Learn from the Wii, Sony. It is very likely that Microsoft has and the xbox 720 will be an improved version of the 360.

No more need to develop something revolutionary. K.I.S.S.

Rob0g0rilla4323d ago

I look forward to having 0 installs on PS4. And it better be the same on next Xbox. I don't want an install on gears 3 ;) Lol, unless they plan on sticking to dvds.

solidt124323d ago

I think the motion sensitive controllers we have been hearing about are for the next PS and Xbox.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R4323d ago

New systems...I wonder when people will start to camp out for them haha.

If Sony and MS are focusing their attention on a new system, how much attention will they give to the current systems?

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jkhan4323d ago

Ofcourse there respective RnD dept. would have started working on it as soon as they got ps3, 360 and wii. But don't expect next PS3 atleast for 3-4 more years. 360 may be 2 more years. Wii no idea:(

jkhan4323d ago

I doubt it. Next year is too soon. They just have established a huge installbase. Plus developers won't be welcoming that change, as they have started to make profit on there console. I mean who wants to release a game on a new consoles when you have consoles with installbase around 20 million? 2009 is too early. But yeah late 2010 or 2011 is a sure shot.

Psynapt1k4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

With the current sales and "competition" MS is currently ahead in total sales in the MS/PS3 war.

I can see that MS is in a bit of a pickle, If they launch a console sooner than later, say 2010, they will be lose thier credibility and current generation sales volume. Because MS launched the current gen XBOX360 before PS3, they cannot risk launching a new machine unless it is at EXACTLY the same time as the PS4. That is the only way they can achieve thier goal of top console THIS gen.

Wii, is in a different ballgame, they dominate thier market segment, and they can launch a new machine whenever they like....

Rob0g0rilla4323d ago

I think it's way too early to be talking about them as well.

solidt124323d ago

I can see all three launching a new console around 2011 2012.

Spydiggity4323d ago

i think we have one more generation of just a straight focus on controllers. which is probably a good thing, cuz i know a ton of ppl who bought HD TVs just to play their current consoles.
but, as of 2015, i want some sort of glasses/headset setup.

PikkonX4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I agree. I think we'll likely have one more cycle of consoles that work just like current ones (although with a lot more horsepower) before something revolutionary needs to be done. Nintendo is somewhat in the right mindset for this change. Something as simple as head tracking like what's shown in this clip could potentially be a great place to start: http://multiplayerblog.mtv.... I think the final goal would be to create a gaming experience similar to the .Hack anime, but we certainly won't reach that stage in my lifetime lol.

Mr_cheese4323d ago

Haven't Sony already mentioned head tracking using the PS Eye? They was saying that if you lean to the side you will peer around corners on your game (FPS). Not sure what else it could do, but it is definetly improvement and change that I will embrace.
I just clicked link and there it was lol the PS3 thing.

PoorDroids4323d ago

um. so he basically wrote an article saying there will be new consoles one day?


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