IGN: Top 25 Street Fighters - Day I

In the beginning, there was Street Fighter. And let's be honest, nobody paid too much attention.

Street Fighter II, though. Street Fighter II stuck around. Aside from being one of the most all-around successful arcade games ever made, not to mention it created a whole new genre almost single-handedly, SF II gave the gaming world some of its most enduring, recognizable, memorable characters. Stick those first eight World Warriors in a lineup together, and most serious gamers would still be able to name them all, even ones that weren't even born back in 1989.

As always, everyone has their favorites, especially now that those original eight have been joined by...well, count them all up if you like, but IGN lost track a long time ago. Here, however, is what the IGN staff considers the 25 greatest World Warriors to ever stand and trade fierce punches. They based their list on character popularity, skillset, franchise impact and editor's preference.

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