Destiny: The Taken King - How to Upgrade your Exotic Weapons and Gear in Minutes, Motes of Light

Fully upgrade your Hawkmoon, Red Death, or Zhalo Supercell in minutes using your stored Motes of Light.

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maybelovehate2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I started the Taken King with 900 motes of light, now I have 80 haha. Because of this! And leveling up factions

Halo2ODST22926d ago

Why would you have 900, that's just ridiculous, ah I get it now, you're probably one of those players who has like over 30 Dead Orbit (Faction) rank, some people Play Destiny way to much, especially if you Have 900 motes, I'm having fun Playing TTK, but ever heard of playing other games as wellllllllll, not just spamming something!

maybelovehate2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I played through Bloodborne, Ori, Batman and Witcher 3 this year as well. But those were all pretty quick affairs. Few days on each.

But the main reason I had so many Motes is because I was a Sherpa for the raids, so I had thousands of shards that I traded in for Motes.

staymighty2927d ago

just found this out yesterday. I have been missing out,

FamilyGuy2927d ago

Been doing this since day 2 of TTKs release, this is late to the party. I upgrade everything that's useful after I found out Xur didn't want Motes as payment for anything anymore.


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DELTABOY042207d ago

you can tell these reviewers spent no time in the 1st destiny

The_KELRaTH2207d ago

I wonder if they'll re-review it after completing the 12hr campaign and levelled up to 265

Phoxel2207d ago

I wrote this review after beating the campaign, reaching 273 power, completing two of the three exotic quests, completing every adventure, playing plenty of Crucible, and much more.

Phoxel2207d ago

Hi, I wrote this review. I logged 32 days in Destiny 1.

DELTABOY042200d ago

how is destiny 2 a 9.5 while missing many features from the first game, weapon balance issues, lack luster exotics, boring strikes, and no dedicated servers..i like the game a lot for what it offers..but its no where near a 9.5..closer to a 7.5..they didnt add enough for this to even feel like a proper sequel