VOTD: Mirror's Edge Level Recreated in Portal

This blogger from Slashgamer heard countless times from some of his colleagues, that EA's Mirror's Edge reminded them of Valve's Portal that came out last year. Apparently, youtube user EvilWeevll thought exactly the same as them, because he decided to mod Portal and make the level from the trailer of Mirror's Edge on his PC. Oddly enough, it looks very similar. Check it out.

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ChiddaPotta4315d ago

thats a pretty cool re-creation.

Zerodin4315d ago

George Takei! George Takei!
He's an old Asian guy, and he's gay!
He is strong, and he can fly!
Just don't pronounce his last name "tak-eye"!
LOOK OUT! here comes Geore Takei!

Zerodin4315d ago

I've watched one too many 11 minute 1960s marvel limited animation cartoons! I was bound to crack sooner or later!

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