GameSpot: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Impressions

The trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep featured a lot of new scenes since the one shown last year. To recap what's known so far, the PSP game is somewhat of a prequel and it takes place before Sora and Riku's adventures in Kingdom Hearts. The story revolves around three Keyblade apprentices named Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, and a Keyblade master known as Master Xehanort.

Terra is a brown haired youngster who looks a bit like Zack from FFVII. Ventus (who's abbreviated as Ven) is a blond boy who strongly resembles Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II. Aqua is a girl with short blue hair and in this new trailer, she was wearing a relatively sporty outfit with what seemed to be short black tights and knee socks.

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Born2BK1NG4390d ago

Why do portable games like the psp always get games that happen before the first game? Anyone now what im saying? Like Daxter is before jak 2, god of war chains of olimpus is before god of war, and this kindoms heart game is before the fist kindom of hearts games. whats up with that?

Dark_Vendetta4390d ago

Don't forget FF VII Crisis Core which is a prequel too

Isaac4389d ago

It is probably cheaper to fill in the gaps of any storyline than to have to come up with new stuff. The PSP is an expensive platform to develop for considering its install base and DS development costs.