This Is What Happens When You Don't Play Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain For A While

We've heard an awful lot about secret scenes that are hidden inside Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain and while most of those secret scenes are still hidden, we are seeing some secrets pop out of the woodwork here and there.

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kranker1120d ago

Brilliant! The game giving you reasons to take a break and play something else for a while

MRMagoo1231120d ago

Hideo is just unbelievable with the details he adds to games, the series of games secrets and extras are crazy.

goldwyncq1120d ago

At least Code Talker doesn't die when you leave the game for a while.

SaveFerris1120d ago

Someone is bound to mod Quiet or Paz in for this if it hasn't already happened.

DarkOcelet1120d ago

I think they will mod Ocelot first.

I hate when they do that :(

ChillOut7071120d ago

I can't believe that Kojima put so much effort into hidden things like that and into things like quiet weird scenes and motion captures but he couldn't finish important things like chapter 3 or proper chapter 2

WitWolfy1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Took the words right out of my mouth... I cant help but think MB was supposed to have interactive NPC's like the Normandy did on Mass Effect, not just secret FMVs...

Grrr.... Makes me so mad when I realize what this game was trying to be.

SUCKxITxEZ1120d ago

There was no footage before release giving any sort of clue that the npcs would have any more interactivity than they do, and in fact they have more than any other MGS game to date so these sound like problems you created through expectations made with no evidence. Mass Effect had a small crew of people to talk to on a ship, and is a bioware game.

WitWolfy1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

SUCKxITxEZ, That might be true that they never did show that but that means MB is just one big EMPTY hub... ME 2 had more than 8 crew members you could interact with.. On MGS V you only have 6... MAX


Saying MGS has more is just stupid!

Your comment is ignorant, You cant interact with ANY story driven character EVER on MB and most of the doors I wanna interact with just has a red light like its mocking me saying.. F U!!!... On the Normandy you could open any door and go any where. IMO MB is just a gimmick... A stupid half assed gimmick, sure it has it secret FMVs but hell I dont go to Mb on a random date and time to see a 15 sec clip, it should just happen regardless. Still dont know why they added it in to begin with.

I swear if they added more time on the game than polishing shitty random fmvs on MB this game wouldve been completed on release.

Summons751120d ago

You don't even know why they had to cut this chapter 3? What if it simply wasn't ready for launch and they couldn't delay the game anymore? What if it simply was broken? Do you want another broken game on the market? What if they had the idea lined up but when it came to it, it simply just didn't work with the game? There could be a million things that happened causing it be be dropped. Chapter 2 I agree with, the special more difficult missions were there for pure filler but unless you were in that meeting when they decided that this chapter 3 wasn't going to make it then stop acting like you know why it was cut. If Konami later this year comes out and say "Hey, heres his for 30 bucks" sure, then be mad I will be but for know we know nothing about this chapter 3....hell you have rumors going from it was just one additional mission to a whole chapter and then there is a rumor it's still in the game but it's a super secret and specific checklist to unlock it (which seems fetched to me) but the point stands, we know nothing so stop acting like it was cut August 31 and they are asking for another 60 bucks.

meatnormous1120d ago

What if ground zeros was chapter 1 and the Phantom Pains 1st chapter is really chapter 2?

CamillaAddiction1120d ago

rumor has it that the whole game is designed in a way to feel our own phantom pain..

i read it somewhere in Gameradar..

the connection between this game and moby dick, hidden file.. a clue to unlock chapter 3 from ground zeroes etc etc

but the funniest part was..moby dick was initially released without an epilogue too.. eh eh

Doodleburger1119d ago

That's what happens when you give an egomaniac a budget and a timeline. They purposely defy them, and are ok shipping an incomplete game, because they'll claim it was the publisher's fault for stifling their creativity. See: Molyneux, Kojima, dyack, etc.

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KissToKill1120d ago

It's has some cool features and graphics. Really not a big fan of metal gear, but this is changing my mind. Good job developers you persuaded me , now my Meds are increased. Lol. Keep up the great work

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