Gamedaily Retro Rewind: Most Addictive SNES Games

Gamedaily writes: "The SNES is home to many of the most addictive games ever made. Here are our 16-bit favorite:

Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario World 2 (Nintendo)

There's no shortage of Mario goodness on the SNES. Super Mario All Stars is a fun compilation of Mario's classic NES adventures revamped with a 16-bit presentation that hits the spot. Super Mario World, which originally shipped with the SNES system, wonderfully introduces Mario to the 16-bit world, complete with a new superhero cape power-up and the debut of dino companion Yoshi. Plus, Yoshi's Island is an excellent platformer in its own right. You guide Yoshi and Baby Mario through a series of levels, throwing eggs and hopping on enemies' heads along the way. No matter which Mario you choose, you can't lose."

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PoSTedUP4390d ago

couple of awesome game....

i was addicted to Toejam&Earl! that game was amazing.

earthworm jim

worms (i think SNES..)

ninja turtles!

the Simsons game....

madden '95

freakyzeeky4390d ago

are the polls on the bottom. xD