No COD: Black Ops 3 Campaign on Last-Gen Consoles is a Good Thing for Game Development

EB: Both gamers and developers should take heed to this statement, because while it may sound like a kick in the balls for PS3 and 360 owners, it’s actually a blessing in disguise for game design in general. The game industry–nearly two years later–has finally hit the point where developers have mastered how to design amazing AAA experiences that leverage the full power of the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Just look at recent titles like Until Dawn or The Witcher 3, which both provided the next-gen look and feel we were all promised way back when Sony and MS were trying to sell us on the PS4 and Xbox One. The graphics rivaled those that have been featured on PCs for some time, and the sheer size of a Witcher 3 could only be brought to life on beefier systems, which is why neither game was developed for the outdate consoles.

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tacotruck1751d ago

I definitely can agree to this sentiment.

XBLSkull1751d ago

Man, if they are still charging $50, how about I give you $10 for the campaign on X1, don't want your crappy multiplayer anyways. Seems fair.

Dirtnapstor1750d ago

You've got it backwards. They're charging $60 for the expected package and a costly price that is too much for the last gen version considering MP only. I would expect it to cost half, but I'm not in charge.

jb2271750d ago

Totally's really pretty telling that they only consider the sp to be worth $10. Either that means that the sp development amounted to only 1/6th of the full dev cost for the game, or they are blatantly ripping gamers off.

sinjonezp1750d ago

When we look at cost for a multiplayer game only, what do we compare it with? We look at the multiplayer only titanfall for x360 and what was that price? Or the price of the X1 version? If we looking at last gen I myself would think 29.99 would be a good price considering the age of the system and price point strategy. I agree that devs need to focus on recent gen platforms and let go of last gen with big release games. If devs just base their engines on last gen with upscale techniques , they are short changing the systems and the consumers. While we have a significant last gen audience, and revenue needs to be tapped it's a good idea to have forward focus and create the "blockbuster" content for ps4 and X1, taking full advantage of the hardware.

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Baka-akaB1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Games Rentals are hardly available everywhere in the world .... and sometimes when they are not necessarily with the latest titles

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1750d ago
Immorals1751d ago

Should have just scrapped last gen completely. Or at least halved the price, disgraceful behaviour Activision leaving it this late to tell people.

supersonicjerry1750d ago

this late? the game is still about a month and a week away. I can understand if they said this the week of the release but its not late at all.

81BX1750d ago

Depends... was juger nog edition for ps3/360? If so thats f'd up.

porkChop1751d ago

No, it's not a good thing if the game is still going to be full price on those systems.

If you're not selling a full experience, then don't charge full price.

DarkOcelet1751d ago

Wait, its still 60$ after cutting the campaign?

WTF Activision?! You are taking advantage of consumers that doesn't follow the news and expect a campaign out of the game.

This is BS!

TwoForce1751d ago

Yeah, I agree. Who decided this ? SATAN !

meche3341751d ago

its 50 and comes with a black ops 1 voucher

Kingthrash3601750d ago

Should be 39.99
I don't care what no one says. 49.99 is too much for half of the game. I know most people play online mp but there are some who only play sp...even worse they simply don't have the Internet. Smh this is just wallet rape.

InTheLab1750d ago

They've been charging $50 to $60 for maps new and recycled. At least now they are screwing people over day 1 edition...

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NarooN1751d ago

Just when I thought Activision couldn't get any scummier...

Ricegum1750d ago

How are Activision scummy? You do realise that it'll cost less than next gen versions right?

NarooN1750d ago


First off, Activision are scummy regardless of this incident. If you think otherwise you're really effin' naive, my friend.

I posted that when it was said the game was still full price, but $50 is still too much for what amounts to literally only 2/3's of the full game.

Baka-akaB1750d ago

Games have been 10 dollars or so cheaper on ps3/360 even at release for quite a few games lately .

Doesnt feel like such a discount there

TheJacksonRGN1751d ago

$50 is not full price. Still kinda high though.

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stuna11750d ago

Exactly! If you're getting half the experience, you should pay half the price. Although there are some who say they neverr touch the campaign that should'nt equate to meaning everyone shares the same sentiment.

spicelicka1750d ago

Jeez what the fuck, how are they going to make a point and then charge practically the same for only a portion of the game?? Just how do they get away with this shit.

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GrimmQuiorra1751d ago

"Just look at recent titles like Until Dawn or THE WITCHER 3, which both provided the next-gen look and feel we were all promised way back when Sony and MS were trying to sell us on the PS4 and Xbox One."

Lol. No. Everyone with a decent set of eyeballs knows The Witcher 3 was downgraded.

wakeNbake1750d ago

And yet it still stands up there MGSV and GTAV as one of the best looking games on new consoles.

GrimmQuiorra1750d ago

Are you trying to invalidate my point?

Cause that didn't work.

Baka-akaB1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

But it kinda does invalidate it , even if downgraded , it looks good and current gen , just less so than advertised .

Kingdomcome2471751d ago

When did they announce this? It completely flew by me somehow.

GrimmQuiorra1751d ago

Apparently just a few hours ago.

Also seems they're charging $50 instead of $60. Which I personally think is still too much.

Should be no more than $40, in my opinion.

meche3341751d ago

it comes with a bo1 voucher

jb2271750d ago

Way too late in the game. Pretty greedy move, they've already got a lot of players on the hook w/ preorders at this point. There is no way that they can be saying that they only just realized that the campaign wouldn't work and that they spent all of these resources on developing it only to drop it like a hot potato a month out from release. They should've been upfront about this from the beginning, or at least a lot earlier than a month out.

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