Lego Dimensions will cost over $700 at launch, gets expansion pack information

With Lego Dimensions having multitudes of character and level packs, 1080Players added it up and it will cost a huge amount totaling over $700 at launch for those who wish to purchase all the products. Warner Bros and TT Games also have new information on how they plan to support the game in the upcoming years as well.

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SaveFerris1171d ago

Someone is bound to do this.

3-4-51170d ago

* So for the price of this game I could get a PS4 & 5+ games to add to my Wii U & XB1......or I could get a little lego game..

Hmmmmmmmm tough choice...

Burn $700 or get a tangible item I could actually trade in for money years later.

Hmmmmm...decisions , decisions.

noxeven1171d ago

Its 700 dollars for the default game or 700 for all the expansions out at the moment. I mean if thats the case its basically how much pay for collecting all the aiimbos and skylanders if you do the math.

Skate-AK1171d ago

$700 for every piece of content and Legos. Not just the game.

Tiqila1171d ago

what a stupid question. its 700 for the default game because it ships with an iphone.

MegaRay1171d ago

That why I hate toys based games. Its more ripoff than DLCs.

ThunderPulse1171d ago

It like that sky landers thing that EA made.

MegaRay1170d ago

Yes, and Disney's game too.

"Buy all toys to get a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade" Dafuq

ThunderPulse1170d ago

@MegaRay Its such a horrible anti-consumer trend to lock content behind a huge pay wall.

Gasian1169d ago

Activision publishes skylanders

Nodoze1171d ago

That is insane. Not to mention the game looks like crap.

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